DAG HAP (Daily Special)

Puur food adventure in Erasmusveld in The Hague

Dag Hap video clip by Roos Koole
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DAG HAP photo album (on Foodprint weblog)

30 September- 16 October 2011
Open: Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon - 7 pm Restaurant NL conserven open until 10 pm

Location: Maria Dermoûtpark, cross section Erasmusweg/Leyweg  (Erasmusveld), The Hague (directions see bottom of the page)
Entrance to festival grounds is free

Opening concert: Friday 30 September, 8.30 pm
John Deer Mowing Club, Trio Escobar (powered by Paard van Troje) and Philson >> more info here
Official opening at 8 pm by Marnix Norder (alderman for city development, housing and integration)

The latest event in the Foodprint program comes to a local neighboorhood in The Hague. During the first three weekends of October young and old alike will get the chance to taste and enjoy everything the artists in Erasmusveld have to offer. On an undeveloped piece of land a settlement will be built, with temporary structures like The Food Factory and The Honey Bank. The festival's infrastructure has been designed Refunc, a collective of recycle architects.

DAG HAP (i.e. 'Daily Special') offers a surprising perspective on what food can contribute to a healthy, green, liveable and sustainable city. Come and join us and enjoy a bite of a carrier pidgeon! Raise a glass of ditch water beer and bring a toast to the new The Hague!


The Outdoor Brewery - Henriette Waal. This outdoor brewery will supply the festival with beer brewed from ditch water and plants. >> read more and book a beer workshop or attend the beer  lecture by Derek Walsh

The Honey Bank - Olivier Darné + Le Parti Poétique. This French artist brings people safely into contact with bees and brings the bee colonies back to the city with his 'Honey Bank' (under the motto ‘Time is Honey'). >> read more

The FOOD FACTORY - Atelier GRAS! Not only the floor, but also the walls of this Food Factory will be used to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs. >> read more

NL conserven - Sjim Hendrix. The artist/cook Sjim Hendrix will open his temporary restaurant on the DAG HAP grounds. Festival goers can have lunch or dinner in the restaurant. >> read more and make reservations

Hot Air - Refunc. The recycle architects of Refunc will create a gigantic art work out of the blades of a wind turbine. One of the blades will function as the dining table of the ConservenNL restaurant. Every Sunday children can pimp the entrance to the festival grounds with recycle material and create other cool stuff, under the direction of Refunc. >> read more and book a workshop (for children)

Composted Constructions - Fritz Haeg.
The American artist and architect will build small objects from recycle material, from nesting boxes for birds, hotels for bees and enclosures for animals to flower boxes. >> read more

Sustainable Erasmusveld - Studio Makkink & Bey. The designers present alternative ways to contribute to sustainable food production in the city. >> read more

Green-exchange market - Organized by Annechien Meier. Saturday 15 October, 12 noon-5 pm. Allotment gardeners from The Hague and festival goers can exchange their gardening stuff, from apples, chutneys and jams to gardening books and gardening tools. >> read more

DAG HAP is made possible in part by:
City of The Hague, Fonds 1818, Stichting DOEN, The Netherlands Architecture Fund, Ontwikkelingscombinatie Wateringse Veld, Paard van Troje, Tetteroo, Schuttelaar&Partners, Imkervereniging Den Haag en Omstreken, Dunea, Esloo Pro Praktijkonderwijs, various school gardens and allottment garden associations in The Hague.

The production of DAG HAP is made possible in close cooperation with Mothership.

Foodprint. Food for the city
In 2009 Stroom Den Haag kicked off the program Foodprint. Food for the city. The program takes place over the course of several years and focuses on the influence food can have on the culture, shape and functioning of the city, using The Hague as a case study.


(address: Maria Dermoûtpark, cross section Erasmusweg/Leyweg, Erasmusveld, The Hague)

From Railway Station Den Haag Centraal
Option 1:

Take streetcar 2 in the direction of Kraayenstein. Get off at stop Valkenboslaan and change to bus 20 in the direction of Erasmusveld. Get off at stop halte Cary van Bruggenhof (final stop). You are at the entrance of festival grounds.

Option 2:
Take streetcar 16 in the direction of Wateringen. Get off at stop Steenwijklaan. From here it is a 9 minute walk to the festival grounds..

Option 3:
Take streetcar 9 in the direction of Vrederust. Get off at stop Leyweg/Melis Stokelaan. From here it is a 9 minute walk to the festival grounds.

From Railway Station Hollands Spoor
Take streetcar 9 or 16 (see departure from Station Den Haag Centraal).

More info on public transport in The Hague: www.htm.net
Google maps: click here.

Erasmusveld is an urban development area in The Hague, where a new neighborhood of approximately 750 homes will be built. If everything goes according to plan, this area will be ‘the most sustainable neighborhood of The Netherlands'. In the planning phase several themes get special attention: water, green areas, energy and construction methods. With the DAG HAP festival Stroom Den Haag introduces one more design tool: food and food production.

30 August 2011, DutchbuzZ (radio show)

DAG HAP grounds
photo: Arenda Oomen, courtesy Stroom den Haag
DAG HAP: The Food Factory by Atelier GRAS!
photo: © Arenda Oomen (courtesy Stroom Den Haag)
DAG HAP: 30 September 2011: opening dinner
photo: © Arenda Oomen (courtesy Stroom Den Haag)
DAG HAP: Olivier Darné + Le Parti Poétique, The Honey Bank
photo: © Olivier Darné + Le Parti Poétique
DAG HAP: Green-exchange market
photo: © Arenda Oomen
DAG HAP grounds (work Refunc)
photo: Arenda Oomen, courtesy Stroom den Haag
DAG HAP: a result of the workshops by Fritz Haeg
photo: © Arenda Oomen, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
DAG HAP: Outdoor Brewery
photo: © Arenda Oomen (courtesy Stroom Den Haag)
DAG HAP: work Refunc by night
photo: © Arenda Oomen (courtesy Stroom Den Haag)
DAG HAP: Sjim Hendrix, NL conserven
photo: Stroom Den Haag
DAG HAP: The Outdoor brewery
photo: Stroom Den Haag
DAG HAP: Sustainable Erasmusveld, Makkink & Bey