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  • Lost Boundaries
  • Segregation and integration of art in a decentralized world
  • Creative disk
  • only available for system Windows 95 cd-rom, 1995
  • Pomp Pump
  • Remco and Van Lagestein
  • SOLD OUT! cd-rom, 1994
  • Gerard Petrus Fieret
  • de Route
  • Gerard Petrus Fieret, Henk Augustijn, Wieteke Moody van Dort
  • 29,50 euro dvd, 1992

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Stroom publications
Stroom Den Haag regularly publishes books, brochures and other items in concurrence with its activities and in support of its general policy. The presentation of the Ouborg Award is always accompanied by a publication. In addition Stroom initiates publications dedicated to the history, developments and general climate of art, architecture and design in post-war The Hague.