DAG HAP: Hot Air by Refunc

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When visiting DAG HAP you will notice that all the objects on the festival grounds have been made of recycled materials. This is the work of the recycle architects of Refunc: Jan Körbes and Denis Oudendijk. Take their artwork 'Hot Air' for example: a landmark made of the discarded blades of a wind turbine. One of the blades will also function as the outdoor dining table of the ConservenNL restaurant at DAG HAP. The festival's information booth will be housed in an old electric cart and the festival's light installation has been made of used water tanks.

The slightly eccentric architects of Refunc give objects a second life. Since 2002 they have been active in the field between architecture, art and technique, creating new products out of discarded material. ‘Refunctionalizing' is what they themselves call it.

Workshops for children: Pimp the festival grounds!
Children can work with recycle material and create other cool stuff, under the direction of Refunc.
Every Sunday afternoon (October 2, 9 and 16)
Clean graffiti, from 12 noon until 2:30 pm
Pimp the facade, from 3 pm until 5:30 pm

Admittance: FREE
RSVP (obligatory): foodprint@stroom.nl

What are the children going to do?
Denis Oudendijk: "We offer two workshops. In the first one we will work with waste material and create images and texts. Next we create an imprint on the festival road with a high pressure hose. .. this is called 'clean graffiti'. In the other workshop we will decorate the facade of the little powerhouse on Erasmusveld. We hope that the children will bring old wooden furniture and other materials to use in this workshop."

How old should my child be?
"At least five years old."

Should the child have experience with hammer and nails?
"Experience comes in handy, but is not required! There is a first time for everything...."

Are the children allowed to take stuff  home?
"If they want to and if the stuff is safe, they can take it home. Unfortunately this is not possible after the 'Pimp the facade' workshop."

What do you want to teach the children?
"To look at their surroundings and at materials in a new way. To make them aware of recycling and waste. But first of all, we want them to have fun."

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