Art and the urban environment

Art has the power to show the usual within the unusual, to  set one's view of the world slightly askew, to make visible the layers of reality, in short: to subvert the obviousness of perception. In this sense art is an essential instrument in the development of people's  critical consciousness.

The program of Stroom Den Haag focuses on the urban environment from the viewpoint of visual arts, architecture, urban planning and design. Stroom aims to encourage critical and creative thought about the contemporary city; both in general and about the city of The Hague in particular. By combining the expertise, viewpoints, knowledge, methods and ideas from various fields,  a unique position is created from which the complex  web which makes up the urban environment can be approached. The theme ‘urban space' is the common link between many of Stroom's activities . This is the area Stroom has specialized in over the years.