DAG HAP: Green-exchange market

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Market day: Saturday October 15, 2011: 12-5 pm
Location: DAG HAP festival grounds (more info scroll down)

Come to the DAG HAP festival grounds on October 15 between 12 noon and 5 pm and bring your old garden rake or homegrown herbs. The green-exchange market organized by Annechien Meier gives you the opportunity to trade your stuff with other people, from gardening tools to homemade jams and apples from your own apple tree.

Can I bring my own homemade jam?
Annechien Meier: "Yes, you can bring anything you like: a jar of homemade jam is great, but you can also bring a bunch of dried lavender from your own backyard."
How does it really work? Can I hire a stall for my products?
Meier: "No, the stalls are for the members of organizations like amateur gardening associations, green (art) initiatives, beekeepers or the Westlands Museum. They present their special products on the market, give small demonstrations and organize tasting sessions. They explain how the product was made and where it comes from. You as a visitor can exchange your stuff with them, but you can also barter with other people who visit the market (e.g. a jar of chutney for a book on gardening). We expect it to be a very lively market, that forces people to think about the value of food, about what you should ask in return."
What is the value of my jar of jam? What do I get in return?
Meier: "Bartering has an element of play, and requires negotiating with the other party. Without money changing hands! A jar of jam could be worth two pounds of onions or a beautiful book on gardening. You yourself decide what the value should be!"
What is the role of allottment gardens in this process?
Meier: "Especially for this day and this market the members of amateur allottment garden associations in The Hague have saved their harvest in order to present their produce today and to come into contact with other people who have a passion for gardening."
How did you come up with the idea to organize this market? Was there a special demand?
Meier: "Some years ago Kyle MacDonald from Canada made the headlines when he traded a red paperclip for a house (in 13 transactions). Before money was ‘invented' trading was the only way to go. There is a great demand for it, because trading is easy: you immediately get what you want, without the interference of money, bonus cards, stamps or standing in line at the check-out counter. People get into contact directly, which makes them trust each other more."

Erasmusveld Award
At the end of the Green-market day the Erasmusveld Award will be presented to the competitor with the most beautiful pumpkin. If you want to join the competition, please contact Annechien Meier by sending an email to: foodprint@stroom.nl

The Green-exchange market
Saturday 15 October 2011, 12.00 noon-5 pm

Location: Maria Dermoûtpark (cross section Erasmusweg/Leyweg), Erasmusveld, The Hague
Entrance to DAG HAP festival grounds is free
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