DAG HAP: The Honey Bank of Olivier Darné

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This French artist and beekeeper Olivier Darné brings people safely into contact with bees and brings the bee colonies back to the city with his 'Honey Bank' (under the motto ‘Time is Honey').

Investing in bees? Turning your money into honey? It might sound weird, but Olivier Darné is dead serious. The world's bee population is in rapid decline and that's something we should all worry about. In order to restore bring back the bees and save the environment Darné came up with his project the Honey Bank. During DAG HAP he will present his extraordinary creation: an enormous beehive with an ATM machine. People who wish to support the bees can give money, which will be symbolically transformed into honey. The money will be used to build new bee habitats in the city. Thus the Honey Bank is a statement about two current crises, one financial and the other environmental.
Honey Bank at DAG HAP: www.banquedumiel.org

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