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Wednesday thru Sunday, 12 - 5 pm

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For visitors the standard rules still apply: wash your hand, keep sufficient distance and in case of any symptoms: stay home and get tested.

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Library sessions (Bibliotheeksessies)
Kim David Bots, 12 October 2021

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Slavery & Decolonization
Summer 2021
Books on 'green'

15 March-9 May 2021
Books on walking

February-March 2021

Arnold Mosselman
Lidwien Nielander

Reading Residency in the Stroom library:
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Since 1998 Stroom Den Haag has built up a compact, highly specialized library, with an interesting and surprising collection of publications. It functions as a knowledge center for both visitors (including artists, architects,students and scientists) and the Stroom staff itself. The collection is organized thematically, with references to the city, architecture, art, the individual, new technology, theory and the way these subjects are interrelated. In addition there is a large collection of international magazines. Visitors can also watch taped registrations on DVD of Stroom lectures and symposiums on video or dvd.

New acquisitions for the library:
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Stroom Library Sessions
The end of 2011 saw the start of the Stroom Library Sessions, informal meetings that could be best described as a cross between a book club and a discussion group. Each time one special guest is invited to talk about his or her work. The guest is asked to bring a bag filled with publications that are a source of inspiration. The sessions are attended by a small group of invited guests. Archive library sessions (partly in Dutch)

Small presentations in the library
In the past the Stroom library also regularly featured small presentations dedicated to publications, exhibitions and other Stroom activities (usually a presentation in the library window). The installations were visible day and night, thus attracting a lot of attention from passers by for both the presentation in question and for the library itself.
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