Stroom Den Haag has a studio program aimed at professional artists from The Hague. There are both permanent and temporary studios available. Artist can consult a regularly updated list of available studios. >> click here
(list of available studios in some instances only available in Dutch)

Stroom strives for a suitable and affordable studio for every visual artist in The Hague. Stroom dedicates itself to increase the number of studios and to mediate with regard to contracts of hire and sale. Together with artist initiatives and the City of The Hague Stroom actively looks for premises which may provide artists with a laboratory, meeting place and presentation function.



In order to apply for a studio one has to register with Stroom Den Haag first >> more information can be found on this page.

Next one can register for the Studio Waiting List. People are invited to apply for a specific studio according to their position on the waiting list.

ateliers [at]
T 070 3658985