Since 2004 Stroom Den Haag has also functioned as a platform for architecture in The Hague. Stroom's architecture program is embedded within an interdisciplinary and coherent whole. Points of attention include social, political, cultural and psychological aspects of the built environment; spaces in between buildings; the border between public and private; the individual view of the city: in short the 'soft side' of architecture. This approach is closely connected to the background and history of Stroom Den Haag. Because of its independent position Stroom makes way for new points of view and generates a critical debate about architecture.

The activities are developed by the department of architecture, in close collaboration, or on the initiative of, the department of visual arts and/or other istitutions or bodies.

Usually the subject matter is closely connected to the city of The Hague, but at the same time it is put in a broader perspective, going beyond local interest only. The ‘regular' architecture program features presentations, exhibitions, evening programs (lectures, debates) and excursions. Sometimes a subject is selected to be developed on a larger scale.