24 Nov '17
The Knight’s Move: Mireille Hildebrandt
'The new animisms of smart cityscapes'. A talk about the fusion of online and offline worlds: ‘the Onlife World'.
11 Nov '17
through 07 Jan '18
Ondertussen: Justin Bennett
An investigation into the acoustic territories of the city of Brussels. The first results, in the form of objects, sound and drawings.
18 Oct '17
through 10 Dec '17
OpZicht: Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou
Presentation by the winner of the Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs 2017. The entrance space of Stroom serves as the host and access point of the url
08 Dec '17
DIM - A Transformation Game by Áron Birtalan
Live participatory event. During the afternoon, participants blend elements of roleplay, rituals and everyday routines into a new, jointly-created experience.
09 Dec '17
Uncertainty Seminars: The Strange Escape
An afternoon program exploring the deviate potential of doubt. With contributions by Ramon Amaro, Jude Crilly, Johanna Koljonen, The Rodina and more.
Sculpture Femmy Otten
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