09 Sep '17
through 19 Nov '17
Céline Condorelli: Proposals for a Qualitative Society (Spinning)
Stroom's exhibition space as a place for rehearsal and play. Carousels and spinning tops invite visitors to play and interact with them, while (historical) references of radical playground-designs show what play means for the city and for society.
09 Sep '17
through 19 Nov '17
Window display: Buiteltuinen (Rough and tumble playgrounds)
In 1970 department store De Bijenkorf commissioned Group Ludic to design a series of outdoor playgrounds in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and The Hague.
09 Sep '17
through 05 Nov '17
Ondertussen: Gino Anthonisse and Christa van der Meer
Two of the co-founders of fashion and design collective Das Leben am Haverkamp present a selection of their individual work.
19 Jul '17
through 01 Oct '17
OpZicht: Aliki van der Kruijs
A performance by the materials Cotton, Wood, Calcium hexacyanoferrate (III), Ammonium iron (III) citrate, UV and Time, that will develop during the run of the exhibition.
02 Oct '17
through 21 Oct '17
Play your city (Speel je stad)
An exhibition on location in Atrium City Hall The Hague about the importance of outdoor play, the city as a playground and what the contribution of art could be in this field.
08 Oct '17
The city: an adventure playground?
Talk and film on location at AFFR (Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam). With Tracy Metz, Esmé Valk, Saša Radenovic and Jeroen van Mastrigt. Followed by film 'De Pier' by Jeroen Visser. Part of Stroom School Céline Condorelli.
11 Oct '17
The Knight’s Move: Bradley L. Garrett
Part 1 of a diptych of lectures about the physical city and the digital city. Tonight a talk about the rise of pseudo-public spaces or privately owned public spaces (POPS).
12 Oct '17
Learning from... Johan Huizinga
Lecture/talk by artist Jonas Ohlsson. Part of Stroom School Céline Condorelli.
24 Nov '17
The Knight’s Move: Mireille Hildebrandt
Part 2 of a diptych of lectures about the physical city and the digital city. Tonight a talk about the fusion of online and offline worlds: ‘the Onlife World'.
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