30 Jan '18
Stroom School Jan Rosseel: Videograms of a Revolution
Screening of 'Videograms of a Revolution' (1992) by Harun Farocki, a film about the Rumanian revolution in Bucharest and the fall of Ceausescu in December 1989.
02 Dec '17
through 18 Feb '18
Jan Rosseel: 'Back-up'
The final instalment of a triptych dedicated to Jan Rosseel's research of the reliability of our memories and mental processes. This time the focus is on the relationship between history, politics and power.
13 Jan '18
through 04 Mar '18
Ondertussen: Anna Moreno
Presentation of her recent project ‘The Drowned Giant'. The starting point was a happening from 1970 to promote an utopian housing project by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.
20 Dec '17
through 04 Feb '18
OpZicht: Sarojini Lewis
'The Waves that came from Ternate'. Presentation by a newly registered artist from The Hague.
10 Mar '18
through 08 Apr '18
Milo Rau: The Congo Tribunal, 2015-18
This installation examines the causes and backgrounds to the Congo War in a unique and stunningly transmedia art project.
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