DAG HAP: Sjim Hendrix - NL conserven

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Restaurant open: every Saturday and Sunday
Lunch: from 12 noon
Dinner: from 6 pm
Attention: on weekdays open for private 3-course dinners!
Reservations: rsvp@nlconserven.nl

Ever wondered what a wild moor sheep or a carrier pidgeon tastes like? During DAG HAP you might find these exotic delicacies on your plate. The temporary restaurant NL conserven run by the artist/chef Sjim Hendrix opens its doors on the DAG HAP festival grounds. Sjim Hendrix's kitchen is ‘all natural', he finds his ingredients in the surrounding neighborhood and puts them on the DAG HAP menu. NL conserven is open every weekend for lunch and dinner. You will be seated in the FOOD FACTORY or, when weather allows, outside at a communal table made of the blade of a wind turbine. Every day the menu for this happening will be adapted to the ingredients that are available. For people who loves fine dining, who like to be surprised or who simply look forward to an adventurous and unique lunch or dinner party with friends and family, the NL conserven restaurant is the place to be!

The 29-year old Sjim Hendrix, a pupil of celebrity chef Dick Soek, is both a chef and a visual artist. He is always on the look-out for the significance of food, special taste sensations and the value of eating and consuming. According to Sjim the factory-produced food in the supermarket pales in comparison with the taste of real food, caught in the wild or grown in our own back garden.

DAG HAP Dinner Menu
Every weekend from 6 pm

NL conserven serves up an excellent 3-course dinner representing the special taste sensations of The Hague and vicinity. There is no fixed dinner menu on Erasmusveld. The choice of dishes changes every weekend.

DAG HAP Lunch Menu E-line
Every weekend from 12 noon
NL conserven serves special dishes representing a specific location, micro-climate or cultural trend. Hendrix has named his DAG HAP lunch menu the E-line, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the food industry. He serves up numbered pieces of preserved food , little sculptures in limited edition.

E1 - Wild buckthorn jam
With two kinds of breshly baked bread.

E2 - Pickles
Anti pasti, various preserved and pickled vegetables and fried sea lettuce.

E3 - Ex-carrier pidgeon
Broth of carrier pidgeon.

E4 - Fish
Caught by the KW2 cutter. Dried, smoked and pickled.

E5 - Wild carrot
Sterilized carrot of the Daucus Carrota and fish freshly caught by Rems Kramer (catch of the day of the KW2).

E6 - Green ketchup
Ketchup from green tomatoes, wild fennel and wild moor sheep.

E7 - Advocaat (egg nog)
Egg nog sweetened with honey from the Honey Bank and Delft liqueur, a brushthorn tart and an absinthe sorbet.