Food Tribunal

How to feed our cities in the future?

Thursday 5 April 2012, 17-22 hrs
17-18.45 hrs: Reception and dinner
(products supplied by at Stroom Den Haag
19-21 hrs: Tribunal at Institute of Social Studies
(opening by Jozias van Aartsen, mayor of The Hague)
21-22 hrs: Drinks + Announcement judgment of the jury at Stroom

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Stroom Den Haag,
Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Institute of Social Studies, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague

Language: Dutch and English
In addition there will be interpreters present for English speakers

Moderator: Sandra Rottenberg

Program, jury and council: click here

In the year 2050 nine billion people will be living on earth, 75 percent of them in cities. If we go on at this rate, we will need several extra planets for the production of our food. Everybody agrees that the world's food problem is getting more urgent by the day. How do we tackle this problem of feeding the world's future population? There are many different views and nobody seems to agree. Stroom Den Haag thinks it is about time for the thinkers and activists of the various local food systems to enter into a verbal battle. The central question of the Food Tribunal is: 'How to feed our cities in the future?' During this tribunal nobody is innocent or morally superior. Moderator is Sandra Rottenberg. With experts from the fields of retail, science, culture, politics and agrofood like Agnes van Ardenne, Thijs Cuijpers, Petra Derkzen, Henk Ovink, Joost Reus, Arne Hendriks and Marc Jansen -> for full list click here

Today's food system is in the line of fire. The advocates of an industrial food production coupled with a global economy are diametrically opposed to the supporters of local and ecological farming. Both parties defend their views with an almost religious belief. But the future of food is also the future of mankind.

Stroom Den Haag brings the two opposing parties together in the courtroom. Experts from various fields and from different generations (from farmers to philosophers, from retailers to architects, from scientist to activists, from policymakers to politicians) will present their views on how to feed our cities in the future. Starting point is a couple of visionary scenarios developed by artists/architects in connection with Stroom Den Haag's 'Foodprint' program: Park Supermarket, City Pig and Foodscape Schilderswijk.

The tribunal concludes with the aAnnouncement of the judgment of the jury, stating how we can develop  a sustainable food system for the city of the future. This text will be published on the Stroom website and will be sent to all stakeholders. The setup of the food tribunal is in keeping with The Hague's international profile as the City of Peace and Justice.

Two new Foodprint publications
During the tribunal two new publications will be launched:
Food for the City. A Future for the Metropolis
(i.c.w. NAi Publishers, Rotterdam)
Nils Norman, Eetbaar Park/Edible Park
(i.c.w. Valiz, Amsterdam).

Entrance fee per person (incl. food and drinks):
All fees including VAT

A. € 47,50
B. € 75,-  (incl. both publications)
C. € 27,50 (student rate)
D. € 55,- (student rate, incl. both publications)

REGISTRATION via: (please state in which of the four categories you want to enter).

Curating coordinator:
Brigitte van der Sande
Dyveke Rood i.c.w. Stroom Den Haag

The Food Tribunal is organized in collaboration with:
International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University, Rotterdam), Department Rural Sociology (Wageningen University & Research Centre).

With thanks to: Youth Food Movement, Schuttelaar & Partners,, ArchiNed, De Groene Amsterdammer

photo: design: Thonik
Dinner with products supplied by
Winy Maas with The Why Factory, 'City Pig', design study urban pig farm
photo: animation: Wieland&Gouwens
Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten, Park Supermarkt
Foodscape Schilderswijk
photo: © Urbaniahoeve
cover of publication
Cover of publication