Nils Norman: Eetbaar Park / Edible Park

Available at Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague.
Online orders through: Valiz, Amsterdam

The British artist Nils Norman created the art project Edible Park, which consists of two gardens, a pavilion, and a series of activities and events, within the framework of the Foodprint program of Stroom Den Haag. With this project, Norman wants to test in practice what the ecological design method of permaculture could mean to a city like The Hague.

In this publication Norman explains how he sets to work, what his sources of inspiration are, and in which artistic and social-critical context his work can be placed. The book also deals with the background and range of application of permaculture and the significance of art projects of this kind in the public domain. It contains a wealth of visual material and a DIY section explaining how you can apply all kinds of permaculture on your own balcony or in your own garden.

Paperback, illustrated (colour and b/w), 160 pages
Publishers: Valiz, Amsterdam | Stroom Den Haag
With the support of: the Netherlands Architecture Fund, and Stichting DOEN

This publication is part of the Foodprint. Food for the City program

Cover of the publication
a spread from the book
a spread from the book
a spread from the book