Foodprint: Special Assignments

2009 - 2010
Special assignments in and around the city, which look at the topic from the point of view of food and the growing of food, offer innovative chances for a user-friendly and attractive green environment. They also give new impetus to local, small-scale activities and contribute to a sustainable city and the connection between the city and rural areas.

'Park Supermarkt'
Van Bergen Kolpa Architects
develop a ‘Landscape Supermarket', a model visualizing the future of the edibility of city parks (to be continued in 2010).

'City Pig'
The architect Winy Maas and The Why Factory (TU Delft) design an Agrocluster with a pig farm for the urban industrial area of the Binckhorst in The Hague. The results of these research projects will be presented in the exhibition and during the symposium.

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