Foodscape Schilderswijk

A project by the artist Debra Solomon
as part of the Foodprint Program
Location: Schilderswijk, The Hague
Photo album Foodscape Schilderswijk

More information in English:

Can food contribute to a nicer and more hospitable neighborhood with healthier people, where the communal production of food results in a close-knit community? With this question in mind the artist Debra Solomon embarked on the project Foodscape Schilderswijk.

Together with people and organizations from the neighborhood Debra Solomon and her Urbaniahoeve foundation install various foodscapes consisting of herb lawns, fruit trees and berry bushes. Thus the fun of communal gardening, maintenance and cooking, is combined in an informal way with urban agriculture and the collective upkeep of public space. The active participation of the locals transforms the neighborhood into a wonderful place, where people can harvest tasty and fresh food.

Every other week, on Sundays at 1 pm, people are invited to meet in front of the office of Haag Wonen (Westenbergstraat 45) in order to visit one of the inner courtyard gardens of the Westenberger Hof. For more information check (in Dutch) or email

Foodscape Schilderswijk is made possible by:
Gemeente Den Haag (Fonds Burgerschap, Natuur- en Milieucommunicatie), Oranje Fonds, Woningcorporatie Haag Wonen, Fonds 1818, Stichting DOEN, Ministerie van LNV, Fonds BKVB.

Foodprint. Food for the city
Foodprint is an initiative of art and architecture center Stroom Den Haag. The program focuses on the influence food can have on the culture, shape and functioning of the city. Food unites and can build bridges between cultures and generations. Through lectures, workshops, art projects and exhibitions artists, architects and designers show the importance food can have in our everyday life. And also how food can contribute to a healthy, green, liveable and sustainable city.