Food Tribunal: Program, jury and council

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17.00 - 18.45 hrs: Drinks and food at Stroom Den Haag
17.15 hrs: Launch books
18.45 hrs: To the Institute of Social Studies opposite Stroom
19.00 hrs: Opening by mayor Jozias van Aartsen
19.00 - 21.00 hrs: Tribunal with presentations* and debate
21.00 hrs: Drinks at Stroom
21.30 hrs: Announcement judgment of the jury
22.00 hrs: The End

Moderator: Sandra Rottenberg

Judgment of the Jury: click here

Agnes van Ardenne
Chairman Productschap Tuinbouw (Horticulture Marketing Board), former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in charge of Development Cooperation in Cabinet-Balkenende II and minister without portfolio in charge of Development Cooperation in Cabinet-Balkenende III.

Thijs Cuijpers
Director LTO Nederland, the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture, an entrepreneurial and employers' organisation.

Tracy Metz, chair
Journalist and writers on urban issues, art editor NRC Handelsblad and international correspondent for the American magazine Architectural Record.

Iris Vendel
Secretary Youth Food Movement.


Daniƫlle Arets
Teacher Design for Debate, Knowledge Transfer Manager & Associate Lector Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven

Petra Derkzen
Rural sociologist at the Wageningen University & Research Centre.

Sjoera Dikkers
Spokeswoman PvdA on Agriculture in House of Representatives.

Clemens Driessen
Philosopher and researcher at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Utrecht. Researches moral views and technological change in cattle farming.

Harm Jan van Dijk
Founder and owner of  Landmarkt,  an indoor market with local produce.

Henk van Eijk
Director managerial consultancy cultivation-under-glass chain Kenlog and

Lucas Evers
Head of Culture program at Waag Society.

Kees de Gooijer
Director Food Nutrition Delta, network organisation in between science, government, trade and industry.

Annechien ten Have-Mellema
Chairman Research Group Pigs of LTO, also owner of Cattle Farm Ten Have-Mellema, Beerta.

Arne Hendriks
Visual artist.

Marc Jansen
Director of consumer affairs and quality at CBL, branche organisation of supermarket chains.

Henk van Latesteijn
Partner in Value Mediation Partners and member of the board of directors of International Food and Agribusiness Management Association.

Gert-Jan Meeuws
Co-founder PlantLab, Engineer Horticulture.

Annechien Meier
Visual artist.

Henk Ovink
Deputy Director General Spatial Planning at Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment.

Marian Peters
Secretary branche organisation Verenigde Nederlandse Insectenkwekers (VENIK) (United Dutch Insect Farmers).

Joost Reus
Senior staff member Management Vegetable Agro-food Chains and Food Quality, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

Bernard Roelen
Cell biologist, Associate Professor at the Departement of Farm Animal Health at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Utrecht.

Fleur Scheele
Senior researcher at SOMO Foundation, research and network organisation working on social, ecological and economic issues related to sustainable development.

Rutger Schilpzand
Food expert and managing partner Schuttelaar & Partners.

Linda Vermaat
Youth Food Movement.

Joop de Wit
Senior Lecturer Public Policy and Development Management International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University.

Lynn Zebeda
Co-founder Dr. Monk, Worldconnector and Associate Consultant of Better Future.


Foodscape Schilderswijk
Debra Solomon (Urbaniahoeve)

Seconds: Mariska van der Berg and Jan Willem van der Schans

City Pig
Ulf Hackauf (The Why Factory)

Second: Alexia Symvoulidou

Park Supermarkt
Jago van Bergen (Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten)

Seconds: Vincent Kuypers and Gerard Titulaer

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