Ouborg Award

The Ouborg Award, named after the artist Pieter Ouborg (1893-1956) from The Hague, is a municipal award for visual arts. With the Ouborg Award, The Hague shows its pride and appreciation for the level, merit, quality and supra-local significance of the nominees and the extent to which they contribute to the artistic climate in the city and to its (international) image.

The Ouborg Award is awarded at the most once every two years and at least once every four years. The award consists of a sum of money of € 10.000, an exhibition in Kunstmuseum Den Haag (formerly known as Gemeentemuseum Den Haag) and a publication produced by Stroom Den Haag.

Since 1990 the Ouborg Award has been presented to: 

Jeroen Eisinga (2019), Christie van der Haak (2015), Marcel van Eeden (2013), André Kruysen (2011), Justin Bennett (2009), Zeger Reyers (2007), Ben van Os (2005), Hans van der Pennen (2003), Vojta Dukát (2001), Philip Akkerman (1999), Auke de Vries (1997), Martin Rous (1996), Dick Raaijmakers (1995), Tomas Rajlich (1994), Lotti van der Gaag (1993), Gerard Fieret (1992), Wil Bouthoorn (1991), Frans Zwartjes (1990),