Agustina Woodgate: More Heat Than Light

solo exhibition

Location: Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

When: 14 September - 15 December 2024
Opening: Saturday 14 September 2024, 17:00 hrs

Stroom Den Haag proudly presents More Heat Than Light, artist Agustina Woodgate's first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. More Heat Than Light will invite visitors to immerse themselves in an installation focusing on the relationship between temperature and information. The exhibition is to integrate four projects into an installation that will fill the entire exhibition space at Stroom. In 2022 Woodgate started researching quantum communication in the Hague region in collaboration with QuTech, a research institute of TU Delft, specially for this exhibition. This has been an extraordinary period, as last year the institute set a world record for the longest quantum connection. Using factors from QuTech's scientific experiment - diamonds, lenses, time and temperature - More Heat Than Light translates the complex dynamics of quantum technology into a relatable, tangible exhibition setting for a wider audience.

Woodgate is known for her sculptural work that reveals the impact of abstract and invisible structures on our daily lives. The physical scale of a quantum connection remains unfathomable. It takes place on a subatomic scale, too minute to observe with the naked eye.  

The four installations in the exhibition - Power-Line, Radiators, Alice & Bob and Hour Gas - are linked. The presence of visitors will affect the temperature and the workings of the installations in the space. As the temperature rises, thermal machine printers will generate an archive of this interaction. The result will be a climate logbook influenced by temperature and time.

More Heat Than Light is part of Woodgate's Infrastructures series, a long-running set of projects within her practice that focuses on the poetics and politics of infrastructures and how they resonate in public and private spaces. Woodgate works with engineers, scientists and urban planners to produce unorthodox and context-dependent systems. Woodgate's Infrastructures present societal alternatives from a critical perspective.

Agustina Woodgate (b. 1981) lives and works in the Netherlands and Argentina. Her sculptural and conceptual practice encompasses spatial interventions, objects and installations. She explores how information technology conditions the social fabric - and thereby society - and determines access. She researches systems, the associated value theories and design logic operating in the urban environment. Woodgate has shown her work at the 12th MediaCity Biennial, Seoul; 2019 Whitney Biennial, New York; IX Berlin Biennial; IV Istanbul Design Biennial; Kulturpark, Berlin and KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

An extensive program of activities for the public, including guided tours and artist talks will be offered in conjunction with the exhibition. Details to follow. ‘More Heat Than Light' is made possible thanks to QuTech research institute, Creative Industries Fund NL and the City of The Hague.

Ontwerp: Mary Ponomareva
Agustina Woodgate, Chorros, Barro Buenos Aires, 2023
photo: courtesy the artist
Agustina Woodgate, National Times, Whitney Biennial New York, 2019
photo: courtesy the artist
Design: Mary Ponomareva