21 Apr '18
Earth and Otherly Matters
Lecture/performance and screenings. With Kamile Ofoeme, Tabita Rezaire, Frances Bodomo and The Otolith Group. Part of 'De Dingen'.
16 Apr '18
through 26 Apr '18
De Dingen
Exhibition and 11-day festival of lectures, conversations, performances, presentations and screenings about the changing status of ‘things' and the implications this has on human life.
24 Apr '18
Why Should Our Bodies End at the Skin?
Performances and screenings challenging our ideas about sustainability, beauty, (trans)femininity, the natural, and the categorisation of the human. With: Marjanne Helvert & Pauline Agustoni, Rowan Wigley, Vectors, rkss & Swan Meat, Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee radio. Part of 'De Dingen'.
26 Apr '18
Embassy of the North Sea: Session #3: The contours of the Plea on behalf of the North Sea?
In this third (closed) session a selected group of participants discusses the contours of the Plea on behalf of the North Sea. Part of 'De Dingen'.
04 Apr '18
through 13 May '18
OpZicht: Márton Kabai
'The confession of the flesh'. A video installation by a newly registered artist from The Hague.
17 Mar '18
through 29 Apr '18
Ondertussen: Virginie Dubois
Presentation of her project ‘April in Lisbon' from 2017. 
21 Mar '18
through 01 May '18
Window presentation: Green Offshores
An archive and installation by Lodovica Guarnieri presenting a different story of The Hague and de-colonizing our unquestioned positive reading of Peace and the politics that sustain it.
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