19 May '18
through 29 Jul '18
Ondertussen: Kim David Bots
Work on the borderline between a joke and a serious observation, made in a straightforward, cartoonish visual language and with an accurate hand.
19 May '18
through 15 Jul '18
My Practice, My Politics
Artists and designers who recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK). Eline Benjaminsen, Kristina Benjocki, Jean-Baptiste Castel, Yamuna Forzani, Daniel Grumer, Klodiana Millona, Miguel Peres dos Santos, Katarina Petrovic, Fahmy Shahin, Gitte Svendsen, Abel Wolff.
16 May '18
through 08 Jul '18
OpZicht: Ymke Vertelman
'Space Being'. Presentation by a newly registered artist from The Hague. A performance, captured on film, tells the story of the relationship between a father and a son.
29 Jun '18
Unveiling new sculpture Gabriel Lester in The Sculpture Gallery
Program around the unveiling of the sculpture 'Bambaataa'. With contributions by Gabriel Lester and mathematician Ionica Smeets.
01 Sep '18
through 04 Nov '18
Lawrence Lek: Nøtel (The Hague)
An immersive multimedia installation in which the exhibition space is transformed into a marketing suite for the Nøtel Corporation, a fictious hotel chain which promotes a fully automated luxury lifestyle. In collaboration with musician Kode9.
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