06 Oct '23
through 07 Jan '24
Using sketch designs, models and film footage, contemporary artists provide insight into the creation of works of art at schools in The Hague.
01 Dec '23
HOOGTIJ celebrates its 75th milestone!
During the art tour you can visit 20 art locations in the inner-city of The Hague.  At 20 hrs curator Vincent de Boer will give an extra guided tour at Stroom through our current exhibition 'Speelruimte'.
07 Oct '23
through 31 Dec '23
Positions: Afterlives
With 'Positions: Afterlives', Stroom introduces an event series in which artists present imaginations of the impact of the Dutch and Hague colonial past in the present. What factors, narratives and systems shape our current reality, and in what ways do these legacies affect the present? Kick-off during Museumnacht Den Haag.
PRO Grant Stop 2023
Mondriaan Fund support
Library window 'Speelruimte', fall 2023
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