04 Sep '21
through 03 Oct '21
Neo Matloga 'my hero is always next to me'
A selection of smaller works — consisting solely of portraits - by the South African artist Neo Matloga. Both intimate and personal.The first in a series of three presentations in collaboration with the Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund.
21 Sep '21
Zefir7: New Signatures 2021
Monthly Designers Café in collaboration with BNO. The annual presentation of  the most talented graduates. This time on location at The Grey Space in the Middle!
02 Sep '21
through 03 Oct '21
OpZicht: Verena Hahn 'We´ll have time for that later'
Presentation by a newly registered artist from The Hague. Verena Hahn presents her film 'We'll have time for that later', exploring the present and future concepts of 'preppers'.
11 Sep '21
through 19 Oct '21
Ondertussen: Laura Snijders
Laura Snijders is an artist with a background in fashion design. She will use the Ondertussen space as her studio, which will result in a presentation that will gradually develop and unfold over time.
08 Oct '21
through 09 Oct '21
US: There, There
This edition of 'Uncertainty Seminars' presents unusual and unscientific methods to bridge physical, figurative, and metaphorical distances. Artists to be announced.
05 Jul '21
through 31 Dec '22
Walking Seminar Den Haag
FREE PODCASTS NOW AVAILABLE! About the new role of art in public space. Audiowalks through the city of the future. Curated by: Christian Ernsten and Dirk-Jan Visser. With contributions by: Henriette Waal & Clemens Driessen, Anne Geene & Roy Remme, Shailoh Phillips & Patricia de Vries, Michelle Piergoelam & Nick Shepherd.
01 Jan '19
through 31 Dec '21
Reading Residency
In the period 2019-2021 we invite artists to join a one-month 'Reading Residency' in the Stroom library, in order to gain new insights about the value of the library as a knowledge center for contemporary art and society.
26 Oct '20
through 01 Oct '21
The Hague Council of Children re-arranges The Sculpture Gallery
A new and refreshing arrangement of 'The Sculpture Gallery', unveiled by The Hague alderman Robert van Asten (Cultural Affairs) in the presence of the children.
07 Sep '13
through 31 Dec '22
See You in The Hague
A long-running program which explores the identity of The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice through art.
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