Stroom School: Finissage 'There, I Fixed It' and opening Time/Store

part of 'There, I Fixed It'

Sunday 15 May 2011, from 3 pm
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
In concurrence with There, I Fixed It
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Stroom School is the umbrella term for the side program that Stroom organizes coinciding with exhibitions. In the Stroom School issues are highlighted and deepened in another way than in the exhibitions. The Stroom School activities are free and open to everyone.
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Festive finissage of the 'There, I Fixed It' exhibition, with a guided tour by Arno van Roosmalen (director Stroom Den Haag) and the official opening of Time/Store Den Haag by Eric Holterhues of Triodos Bank.

The e-flux Time/Bank and Time/Store Den Haag are a platform and community for the cultural sector where goods and services can be exchanged without the use of money. The Time/Bank.
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Time/Bank hour note (design: Lawrence Weiner)