There, I Fixed It

Unruly solutions to urgent problems

13 March thru 15 May 2011
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Wednesday thru Sunday, 12 noon-5 pm
(closed: Easter Sunday,
April 24)

Opening: Saturday 12 March 2011
4 pm: conversation Reto Pulfer and Pieternel Vermoortel (curator/critic FormContent, London)
5 pm: opening by Simon Delobel (curator Verbeke Foundation (Belgium)
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Stroom School
More information click here

Under the title Stroom School an enriching side program will take place. E.g. every Sunday (except April 24 and May 1) at 3 pm: free guided tours.

Time/Bank and Time/Store
Within the framework of 'There, I Fixed It' from mid-May the Dutch branch of the e-flux Time/ Bank of Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle will be opened. More info: Stroom School.

Artists in the exhibition:
R. Buckminster Fuller (USA)
Krijn Giezen (NL)
René Heyvaert (BE)
Mark Manders with Roger Willems (NL)
Reto Pulfer (CH)
Josué Rauscher (FR)

"It was never my intention to design a geodesic dome. I wanted to discover the principles at work in our universe. I could have ended up with a pair of flying slippers."
R. Buckminster Fuller

'There, I Fixed It' stands for an attitude, a way of looking at materials and problems that is at the same time bold and unexpected. These problems can be small and trivial, but also large and global. The exhibition presents work that is characterized by the ability to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. The artists succeed in doing this through their unique use of materials, a different view on what is useful and a great feeling for improvisation, self-sufficiency and temporality. The artists avoid, directly or indirectly, in a concrete or poetic way, dominant economic strategies and production models. Thereby they show us unruly solutions to urgent problems.

'There, I Fixed It' is part of 'Upcycling', a program which takes place over the course of several years and investigates new perspectives in the creation of value in architecture, visual arts, everyday use and economy. Whereas last year ‘Up to You' focused on an open system to create value and meaning, ‘There, I Fixed It' presents creative solutions in order to manipulate reality. The work of the late Krijn Giezen (who passed away in January) is an important point of reference for this way of working.

Mondriaan Foundation, The Netherlands Architecture Fund, DOEN Foundation, Cera Maatschappelijke Projecten, Pro Helvetia, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Netherlands Institute for Art History and Audax Textile Museum.

Whatspace Blog (report of the opening), March 13, 2011
Metropolis M, 2011, #1 (Time/Bank)
More press (in Dutch): see Stroom in de pers

Krijn Giezen, Indian Cress, 3 of 4 photographs, 1966
photo: Rob Kollaard, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Geodesic dome after R. Buckminster Fuller, by architect Walter De Ley
photo: Rob Kollaard (courtesy Stroom Den Haag)
Mark Manders with Roger Willems, Newspaper with Fives, 2001 (Roma Publication 25)
Reto Pulfer, ZR Blechschubladen, 2009-2011
photo: Rob Kollaard, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Krijn Giezen, Indian Cress, tapestry, 1966
photo: Rob Kollaard (courtesy Stroom Den Haag)
René Heyvaert, untitled
photo: courtesy collection Cera
Josúe Rauscher, La Fantaisie du carreleur, 2009-2010
David Hammons, performing 'Bliz-aard Ball Sale’ (1983), Cooper Square, New York City, Courtesy Tilton Gallery, New York
photo: Dawoud Bey (design invite: Thonik, Amsterdam)
Krijn Giezen, documentation RKD
photo: Rob Kollaard, courtesy Stroom Den Haag