Podium for observation

This publication constitutes a podium for the visual material and texts that are brought together according to the keywords light, nature, perception and science. These are concepts that refer to the artwork 'Celestial Vault' by the American artist James Turrell, which he realized in 1996 as a commission by Stroom The Hague in Kijkduin (The Hague). In this work Turrell created conditions that made the observer aware of the light as an almost physical material.

As to time the publication finds itself, as it were, between the exhibition Test Assembly - Panorama Kijkduin (26 Juni thru 29 August 2010 at Stroom Den Haag) and the municipal plans for a cultural component in the redevelopment of Kijkduin (from 2014 onwards). To provide a footing for this author and filmmaker Maarten de Kroon and art historian Gerrit Willems wrote the view KIJKduin Landscape Park art & culture 20201.

The idea is that this publication can connect these two points in time by functioning as a complementary exhibition space. In other words, it's not a catalogue but material that can be read in dialogue with the exhibition and will still have a right to exist after the exhibition.

Please send an email with book title, number of desired copies and your name and address information to: info@stroom.nl

Cover of the publication