Test Assembly

Panorama Kijkduin

26 June thru 29 August 2010
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Wednesday thru Sunday 12 noon - 5 pm

Assisting Curator: Kaja Wie van der Pas

Opening: Friday 25 June 2010, 6 pm, preceded by Marjolein de Jong, alderman of Culture, Inner City and International Affairs / Introductory presentation, 5 pm by Frederik de Wilde en Gerrit Willems (directeur CBK Dordrecht) 
Followed by celebration Stroom's 20th anniversary:
Photos of celebrations click here

Guided Tours (in Dutch):
Sunday 25 July 2010 at 3 pm: by Susanne Bruynzeel
Sunday 15 August 2010 at 3 pm: by Laure van den Hout
Sunday 29 August 2010 at 3 pm: by Joost Rekveld

Publication 'Podium for observation'
A podium for the visual material and texts that are brought together according to the keywords light, nature, perception and science. More about this publication click here.

The Hague has big plans for a redevelopment of Kijkduin starting in 2014 in which culture will play a significant role. The exhibition 'Test Assembly-Paorama Kijkduin' aims at launching ideas with regard to the future of Kijkduin. ‘Test Assembly' is an open and intuitive arrangement of highlights from recent art history, incredible  optical phenomena and historical curiosities. James Turrell's 'Celestial Vault' by night is the introduction to the exhibition. The night leads to a different awareness of the natural environment. The night is the domain of delusion, of the increased perception, of the hallucination and the dream. The work ‘ Celestial Vault' by James Turrell is not only visited by art enthusiasts and day trippers, but also by the dope blowing youth, New Age followers and rabbits. Everyone is experiencing and looking for something different in this particular area.
The artists who are brought together in ‘Test Assembly' show different aspects of the four keywords forming the starting-points of this exhibition: light, perception, nature and science.

Participating artists:
Harold Chapman (UK), Tacita Dean (UK),  Carl Johan Högberg (SE/NL), Ann Veronica Janssens (BE), Germaine Kruip (NL), Laurens van Kuik (NL), Gabor Ösz (NL), Roland Schimmel (NL), Albert von Schrenck-Notzing (DE),  Frederik de Wilde (BE)
Additional information on works in the exhibition

Discount ticket Panorama Mesdag
Panorama Mesdag (a stone's throw away from Stroom) can actually be considered as a part of ‘Test Assembly'. It represents a significant historical connection to the Haagse School,  the painters of light. When you show a voucher available at Stroom you get 2 euro  discount on the admission of Panorama Mesdag, Zeestraat 65, The Hague.

Mondriaan Stichting, Esther  Schipper (Berlijn), Marian Goodman Gallery (Parijs/New York), Frith Street Gallery (Londen), The  Approach (Londen), Collection Van Zoetendaal (Amsterdam), TopFoto (Edenbridge), galerie Ron Mandos (Amsterdam/Rotterdam), Institut für  Grenzgebiete der  Psychologie und Psychohygiene (Freiburg), Museum Waalsdorp (Den Haag) and Museum Boymans van Beuningen (Rotterdam).

One of the sources of inspiration is The Celestial Vault (Panorama in the dunes) by James Turell in Kijkduin.

James Turrell's 'Celestial Vault' by night
photo: Gerrit Schreurs
Roland Schimmel, 'Sol Niger / Zwarte Zon', 2010 (courtesy: Gallery Witzenhausen, Amsterdam)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Tacita Dean, 'The Green Ray', 2001 (courtesy: the artist, Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris/New York; Frith Street Gallery, London)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Harold Chapman, Brion Gysin’s Dream-Machine, 1961
photo: Harold Chapman / Rob Kollaard
'Dreamachine', cardboard replica, limited edition, manufactured by 10111.Org (original created by Bryon Gysin, early 1960s)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Albert von Schrenk-Notzing, The medium Eva C. with a materialization on her head and a luminous apparition between her hands, 1912 (courtesy: Institut
research books
photo: Rob Kollaard
Gabor Ösz, 'Ault Onival, 11.6.2000, exposure time 4h45' and 'Ault Onival, 12.6.2000, exposure time 9mins3sec'
photo: Rob Kollaard
Frederik de Wilde, 'Hostage pt. 1' (Painting made of carbon nanotubes that reflects only 0,045 % of the light)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Germaine Kruip, 'Counter Composition III', 2008 (courtesy: The Approach, London)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Ann Veronica Janssens, 'Cocktail Sculpture', 2009 (courtesy: Esther Schipper, Berlin)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Carl Johan Högberg, 'Untitled (She Who Speaks)', 2009 (courtesy: gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam/Rotterdam)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Carl Johan Högberg, 'Untitled', 2010 (courtesy: gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam/Rotterdam)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Laurens van Kuik, 'Geluid van electriciteit', 1917 (courtesy: Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam)
photo: Rob Kollaard
Hermann Finsterlin, Pages from the publication Eine Annäherung by Reinhard Döhl (© Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, 1988)
photo: Rob Kollaard
invitation card
listening device
photo: © Museum Waalsdorp
James Turrell, The Celestial Vault in Kijkduin
photo: Gerrit Schreurs Fotografie