Positions: Elsewheres

25 February - 2 July 2023
Location: Stroom, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 12:00-17:00
Official opening: Saturday 25 February, 17:00 - 20:00

The exhibition Positions: Elsewheres presents the work of 5 artists: Andrius Arutiunian, Louis Braddock Clarke and Zuzanna Zgierska, Iliada Charalambous, Anastastija (Nastija) Kiake, and Narges Mohammadi. The works that the artists are showing at Stroom all relate to a place outside the walls of the exhibition space and focus on multiple locations outside; on ‘elsewheres'. They offer an alternative presentation of the boundaries of established systems and question the definition of the public domain. In doing so, they refer to the identity of the city of The Hague; a city characterised by its relation to elsewheres. As a site of political power, The Hague legislates and governs a nation. As a site of industry, it produces and maintains systems that determine the boundaries of Europe. And as a site of international law, it attempts to provide justice on the global stage. In its internationalism too, much of The Hague's identity is determined by how it governs systems and relations in other places, and how those elsewheres affect the city, in turn.
Correspondingly, the works in Positions: Elsewheres relate to a multiplicity of sites outside of the exhibition space. In some cases these elsewheres are concrete and near; focussing on the neighbourhood and the inhabitants of the city, like in the work of Iliada Charalambous and Narges Mohammadi. In other works these sites may be wide and fragmented dealing with our European borders, or diffused in time and space as Louis Braddock Clarke and Zuzanna Zgierska's work based on astronomical finds that are located in The Hague.

However, each of the contributions pose ‘what if?' questions - and propose an alternative to the status quo. They visualise processes and systems that may be hiding in plain sight. As propositions, Positions: Elsewheres challenges the viewer to consider alternative forms of citizenship.
Positions Program
In 2022 Stroom Den Haag started a new program line under the title Positions. It features artists based in The Hague and showcases both new work and work in progress, offering an insight into the great diversity of their practice. Next to exhibitions, it provides a platform for additional events like experimental presentations, lectures, performances and much more.

The program Positions is realised with the support of The City of The Hague.

Louis Braddock Clarke and Zuzanna Zgierska, 'Hard Drives from Space'
photo: courtesy of the artists
Andrius Arutiunian
photo: courtesy of the artist
Iliada Charalambous, 'What Could We Be? Visions of Art', 2021
photo: Tommy Smits
Anastastija (Nastija) Kiake
photo: courtesy of the artist
Narges Mohammadi
photo: courtesy of the artist