Bibliotheek etalage/library window: 'Positions: Elsewheres' (1) - Iliada Charalambous & Narges Mohammadi

De bibliotheekcollectie van Stroom bevat een rijkdom aan materiaal dat verband houdt met het werk van de vijf kunstenaars in Positions: Elsewheres. Daarom zullen we gedurende de expositieperiode in onze etalage steeds een deel uitlichten, dat verdieping en context biedt bij de presentatie van een of meer deelnemers. Dit keer de focus op thema's aangereikt door Iliada Charalambous en Narges Mohammadi.

Stroom's library collection contains a wealth of material related to the work of the five artists in Positions: Elsewheres. Therefore, during the exhibition period, our library window will highlight a section that provides depth and context to the presentation of one or more participants. This time we focus on themes suggested by Iliada Charalambous and Narges Mohammadi.

Opportunity : Visual Cultures as Opportunity
/ by Helge Mooshammer and Peter Mörtenböck ; introduction by Jorella Andrews. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2016. - 96 p. : ill. ; 20 cm
Includes bibliographical references
ISBN: 978-3-95679-100-0
In this volume, the fourth in the series Visual Cultures as..., Helge Mooshammer and Peter Mörtenböck analyze the networked spaces of global informal markets, the cultural frontiers of speculative investments, and recent urban protests, and discuss crucial shifts in the process of collective articulation within today's "crowd economy." Assemblies, gathering places, and agora-like situations have become popular sites for contemporary art. At the heart of these arenas is the search for new ways to counter the crisis-ridden experience of homo economicus—the pervasive and alienating marketization of all aspects of our lives. A great deal of hope is being placed on the potential of social formations enabled by new technologies of connectivity and exchange. Artists and cultural producers are at the forefront of testing the viability of transgressive actions such as coworking, crowdfunding, and open-source provisions.
ISBN: 978-3-95679-100-0

What Makes an Assembly? : Stories, Experiments, and Inquiries / ed. By Anne Davidjian, Laurent Jeanpierre. - Antwerp ; London : Evens Foundation ; Sternberg, 2022. - 408 p. : ill. ;  22,5 cm
Includes notes
ISBN: 978-3-95679-645-6
Bringing together accounts written by those who practice assemblies, and contributions from artists, activists, historians, philosophers, and social scientists, as well as three architectural experiments that attempt to imagine models for a future assembly, the book proposes a critical inquiry into the potential of assemblies to shape political subjects. From assemblies in Indigenous territories of Brazil to those of the Yellow Vests in France, from medieval communes to street parliaments in Africa, from citizens' assemblies set up by public authorities to practices forged from emancipatory traditions, What Makes An Assembly? examines the tensions that exist in all assemblies between the need for form and the danger of formalization; between the scripts, rituals, and architectural settings from which they derive, and their capacity to erupt and emerge anew.

Conversation Pieces : Community + Communication in Modern Art / Grant H. Kester. - Berkeley ; Los Angeles : University of California Press, 2004. - 239 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN: 978-0-520-23839-8
Some of the most innovative art of the past decade has been created far outside conventional galleries and museums. Artists working at the intersection of art and cultural activism, have developed new forms of collaboration with diverse audiences and communities. With a.o.: Artist Placement Group, Helen and Newton Harrison, Stephen Willats [ al.]

How to Live Together : Novelistic Simulations of Some Everyday Spaces : Notes for a lecture course and seminar at the Collège de France (1976-1977) / by Roland Barthes ; translated by Kate Briggs ; text established, annotated, and introduced by Claude Coste. - New York : Columbia University Press, 2013. - 222 p. ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN: 978-0-231-13617-4
How to Live Together concists of a series of lectures exploring solitude and the degree of contact necessary for individuals to exist and create at their own pace. In this work, Barthes focuses on the concept of "idiorhythmy," a productive form of living together in which one recognizes and respects the individual rhythms of the other. He explores this phenomenon through five texts that represent different living spaces and their associated ways of life: Émile Zola's Pot-Bouille, set in a Parisian apartment building; Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain, which takes place in a sanatorium; André Gide's La Séquestrée de Poitiers, based on the true story of a woman confined to her bedroom; Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, about a castaway on a remote island; and Pallidius's Lausiac History, detailing the ascetic lives of the desert fathers.

Democracy in the Political Present : A Queer-Feminist Theory / by Isabell Lorey. - London ; Verso Books, 2022. - 240 p. ; 21 cm ISBN: 9781839767333
"Presentist democracy is without a people and without nation. Rather than regimes of borders and migration, its borders are sexism and racism, homo- and transphobia, colonialism and extractivism." In the midst of the crises and threats to liberal democracy, Isabell Lorey develops a democracy in the present tense; one which breaks open political certainties and linear concepts of progress and growth. Her queer feminist political theory formulates a fundamental critique of masculinist concepts of the people, representation, institutions, and the multitude. In doing so, she unfolds an original concept of a presentist democracy based on care and interrelatedness, on the irreducibility of responsibilities—one which cannot be conceived of without social movements' past struggles and current practices.

Meeting Grounds : On Locality, Community, Connection and Care / edited by Amy Gowen ; texts by Alexandra Fraser, Clara Amante Mendes, Katerina Sidorova [ al.]. - Eindhoven : Onomatopee, 2021. - 140 p. : ill. ; 17 cm
Includes biographies
Meeting Grounds is an artistic project that seeks to explore the formation of community and our changing perceptions towards publicness through the medium of public space. The project grew in resonance as global phenomena including the pandemic and divisive cultural politics increasingly determined our ability to access certain spaces, and urged us to rethink our relationships to space, place and community; alongside the values we assign to each. The Meeting Grounds publication acts as a continuation of the ideas and conversations exchanged during this time period as well as an exploration into the social, political and cultural changes that have occurred since the beginning of 2020.

Toward the Not-Yet : Art as Public Practice / Jeanne van Heeswijk, Maria Hlavajova and Rachael Rakes. - Cambridge (MA), London ; Utrecht : MIT publishers icw BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, 2021. - 336 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. - (superBASICS readers)
Includes notes, index
ISBN: 978-0-262-54250-0
This volume from BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, combines handbook, dictionary, and anthology to investigate artistic practice aimed at achieving social change. With text and visual essays, definitions, exercises, interviews, and images, the contributors envision a praxis that is committed to experimenting with aesthetics and politics in ways that go beyond the conventions of Western modernity. These are practices that are interdisciplinary, theoretically informed, and politically driven, offering ways of "being together otherwise." Catalyzed by the work of artist Jeanne van Heeswijk, which focuses on radicalizing civic processes, 'Toward the Not-Yet' imagines and enacts alternative ways of conceiving the present and future including "dreamscaping" and "radical listening"; the creation of safer spaces for humans and nonhumans; ways of radically shifting laws and policies; and tactics and methods of collective sanctuary.

Together : The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation / author Richard Sennett. - New Haven ; London : Yale University Press, 2012. - 324 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN: 978-0-300-11633-5
Living with people who differ—racially, ethnically, religiously, or economically—is the most urgent challenge facing civil society today. In Together Richard Sennett explores how people can cooperate online, on street corners, in schools, at work, and in local politics. He traces the evolution of cooperative rituals from medieval times to today. The author warns that we must learn the craft of cooperation if we are to make our complex society prosper, yet he reassures us that we can do this, for the capacity for cooperation is embedded in human nature.

Social Housing - Housing The Social : Actors, Agents and Attendants II : Art, Property and Spatial Justice / editors Andrea Phillips, Fulya Erdemcy ; texts by Neil Smith, Doreen Masey, Jeanne van Heeswijk [ al.]. - Amsterdam ; Berlin : SKOR : Sternberg Press, 2012. - 544 p. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 978-3-943365-17-7
Social Housing—Housing the Social is the second volume in the Actors, Agents and Attendants series of publications and symposia initiated by SKOR, Foundation for Art and Public Domain, to investigate the role of cultural practice in the organization of the public domain. It examines ongoing transformations in social housing and asks how these transformations are reflected in the aspirations and practices of artists.

Did Someone Say Participate? : An Atlas of Spatial Practice / ed. by Markus Miessen and Shumon Basar ; preface Hans Ulrich Obrist. - Cambridge, Mass. : The MIT Press, 2006. - 330 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references
ISBN: 978-0-262-13471-2
A report from the frontlines of cultural activism looks at spatial practioners who actively trespass into neighbouring or alien fields of knowledge.

Art and Solidarity Reader : Radical Actions, Politics and Friendships / ed. by Katya García-Antón ; with Reem Abbas, Lara Khaldi, farid rakun/ruangrupa, Alice Walker... [et al.]  ; design by Hans Gremmen. - Amsterdam ; Oslo : Valiz icw OCA, 2022. - 384 p. : ill. ; 28 cm
ISBN: 978-94-93246-02-7
Includes notes, biographies, index Creating a fair and vital social fabric inspired by mutual dependencies between living beings and all entities including fauna, flora, air, land and water, seems to be  fundamental for our collective, future  existence. This reader is meant as a critical toolbox with intersectional perspectives to examine and reveal meaningful and inspiring narratives that can guide us The publication considers the agency that artists, collectives and art institutions have generated from the 1970s to today to build the radical imaginaries of care and solidarity, needed to transform the conditions of our collective existence in the face of local and global crises. Presenting new and historical material, it tells stories of solidarity across geographies in relation to emergencies connected to ecocide, femicide, genocide, migration, neocolonialism, inter-religious conflicts, class divisions and heteronormativity, amongst others.

Open City : Designing Coexistence / ed. by Kees Christiaanse, Tim Rieniets, Jennifer Sigler ; text Regina Bittner, Arnold Reijndorp, Peter Sloterdijk [ al.] . - Amsterdam : SUN, 2009. - 464 p. : ill. ; 27 cm
ISBN: 978-90-8506783-2
Published on the occasion of the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 24.09.09-10.01.10. The title of the 4th IABR 2009 is Open City: Designing Coexistsence, curated by Kees Christiaanse. This book presents research and proposals by international experts who were asked to develop methods to facilitate access, and promote coexistence in the contemporary city.

Trans-Local-Act : Cultural Practices Within and Across
/ ed. by Doina Petrescu, Constantin Petcou, Nishat Awan ; concept aaa and Agency, Cultural Agencies, PS2, Public Works. - Paris : aaa - atelier d'architecture autogeree / PEPRAV - Plate-forme Européenne de Practiques et Recherches Alternatives de la Ville, 2011. - 408 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
ISBN: 978-2-9530-751-13
A series of reflections and practices around issues of local and trans-local cultural production within different contexts in Europe, prompted through the agency of a collaborative and networked project: Rhyzom. In relations with ‘local and ‘trans-local', ‘place' and ‘culture', issues of conflict and contest, ecologies, politics and care practices, common and commonality - institutions and agencies are addressed. The book is written by architects, artists, activists, curators, cultural workers, educators, sociologists and residents living in different rural and urban areas in Europe and is addressed to anyone concerned with the relation between culture, subjectivity, space and politics today.

In Defense of Housing  : The Politics of Crisis / by David Madden and Peter Marcuse. - London ; New York : Verso, 2016. - 240 p. ; 21 cm
Includes notes, index
ISBN: 9781784783549
Everyone needs and deserves housing. But today our homes are being transformed into commodities, making the inequalities of the city ever more acute. Profit has become more important than social need. The poor are forced to pay more for worse housing. Communities are faced with the violence of displacement and gentrification. And the benefits of decent housing are only available for those who can afford it. In Defense of Housing is the definitive statement on this crisis from leading urban planner Peter Marcuse and sociologist David Madden. They look at the causes and consequences of the housing problem and detail the need for progressive alternatives. The housing crisis cannot be solved by minor policy shifts, they argue. Rather, the housing crisis has deep political and economic roots—and therefore requires a radical response.

If You Lived Here : The City in Art, Theory, and Social Activism / A Project by Martha Rosler ; ed. by Brian Wallis. - Seattle : Bay Press, 1991. - 312 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. - (Dia Art Foundation Discussions in Contemporary Culture Number 6)
Includes bibliographical references
ISBN: 0-941920-18-6
This volume documents the present crisis in American urban housing policies and portrays how artists, through the medium of a Dia Foundation-sponsored art event and within the context of neighborhood organizations, have fought against government neglect, shortsighted housing policies and unfettered real estate speculation. Through essays, photographs, symposiums, architectural plans and the reproduction of works from the series of exhibitions organized by artist Martha Rosler, the book serves a number of functions: it's a practical manual for community organizing; a history of housing and homelessness in New York City and around the country; and an outline of what a humane housing policy might encompass for the American city.

The Autonomous City : A History of Urban Squatting
/ by Alexander Vasudevan. - New York ; London : Verso, 2023. - 336 p. ; 21 cm
ISBN: 9781839767937
Updated new edition: A radical history of squatting and the struggle for the right to remake the city The Autonomous City is the first popular history of squatting as practised in Europe and North America. Alex Vasudevan retraces the struggle for housing in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Detroit, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Milan, New York, and Vancouver. He looks at the organisation of alternative forms of housing—from Copenhagen's Freetown Christiana to the squats of the Lower East Side—as well as the official response, including the recent criminalisation of squatting, the brutal eviction of squatters and their widespread vilification.
 Pictured as a way to reimagine and reclaim the city, squatting offers an alternative to housing insecurity, oppressive property speculation and the negative effects of urban regeneration. We must, more than ever, reanimate and remake the urban environment as a site of radical social transformation.

Architecture of Appropriation: On Squatting as Spatial Practice / by René Boer, Marina Otero Verzier, Katía Truijen. - Rotterdam : Het Nieuwe Instituut, 2019. - 396 p. ; 24 cm
ISBN: 978-90-830152-0-0
De kraakbeweging heeft een grote rol gespeeld in het ontwerp van het stedelijk weefsel en huiselijk interieur, en stelt alternatieven voor het dominante marktgeörienteerde huisvestingsbeleid. ‘Architecture of Appropriation'  benadert kraken als architectonische praktijk. De publicatie onderzoekt een serie voorbeelden van gekraakte locaties in Nederland, door middel van architectonische tekeningen, interviews en archiefmateriaal.
Op deze manier worden de ruimtes en oral histories gedocumenteerd, en vormt het project een basis voor nieuw aquisitiebeleid voor het Rijksarchief voor de Nederlandse architectuur en stedenbouw. Het door Het Nieuwe Instituut geïnitieerde project brengt de expertise van de kraakbeweging samen met architecten, archivarissen, onderzoekers en advocaten, en stelt manieren van onderzoek, archiveren en het representeren van precaire, collectieve en vaak gecriminaliseerde ruimtelijke praktijken ter discussie in een institutionele context van een archief en museum.

Feminist City : Claiming Space in a Man-Made World / Leslie Kern. - London : Verso , 2021. - 210 p. : ill. ; 20 cm
ISBN: 9781788739825
What would a metropolis for working women look like? A city of friendships beyond Sex and the City. A transit system that accommodates mothers with strollers on the school run. A public space with enough toilets. A place where women can walk without harassment. In 'Feminist City', through history, personal experience and popular culture, Leslie Kern exposes what is hidden in plain sight - the social inequalities that are built into cities, homes, and neighbourhoods - and offers an alternative vision of the feminist city. Taking on fear, motherhood, friendship, activism, and the joys and perils of being alone, Kern maps the city from new vantage points, laying out a feminist intersectional approach to urban histories and proposing a new urban future: just, sustainable, and care-full.

Vrouwen huizen in steden : De inbreng van vrouwen in Architectuur & Stedebouw / Suzanne Lijmbach. - Den Haag : Vrouwen Bouwen Wonen Den Haag, 1994. - 52 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
Met literatuuropgave.
ISBN: 90-9008183-6

The Right to the City : Social Justice and the Fight for Public Space / Don Mitchell. - New York ; London : The Guilford Press, 2003. - 270 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 1-57230-847-8
Includes bibliographical references and index. The central focus of this book is how political dissent gains meaning and momentum - and is regulated and policed - in the real, physical spaces of the city. Demands for heightened surveillance and security throw into sharp relief timeless questions about the nature of public space, how it is to be used, and under what conditions. Blending historical and geographical analysis, this book examines the vital relationship between struggles over public space and movements for social justice in the United States.

Street Reclaiming : Creating Livable Streets and Vibrant Communities / Davis Engwicht. - Gabriola Island, Canada : New Society Publishers, 1999. - 208 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 0-86571-404-5
Historically, streets were not just for traffic. They were the epicenter of community life - a place for socializing, children's play, drama, education, celebrations, social events, and economic activity. These important functions have been slowly eroded as car traffic has exerted its dominance. Part social history and part community-activist handbook, Street Reclaiming celebrates the potential of our streets to become vibrant and prosperous centers of culture and community once again.

Radical Housing : Art, Struggle, Care / ed. by Ana Vilenica ; contr. by AHHAAHHA, Josephine Berry, Alyssa Erspamer [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Institute of Network Cultures, 2021. - 241 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Includes notes, biographies
ISBN: 9789492302786
Housing space is a crucial locus of social reproduction, as it is a place where countless acts of care that sustain our lives take place. Yet, capital has forced its way into our homes, making them a battleground. The essays and stage scripts in this collection engage with difficult questions around battles for home, the role of the arts, and the aesthetics of struggle. What connects the contributions is that the authors think of housing struggles from both the internal and the external margins and from global and local peripheries. This anthology discusses subjects such as insurgent histories and radical care in art, hands-on strategies for action, fighting art-washing with tenants' power as well as the plurality of housing commons.

Neighbourhoods for the Future : A Plea for a Social and Ecological Urbanism / texts by Maarten Hajer, Peter Pelzer, Martijn van den Hurk, Chris ten Dam, Edwin Buitelaar. - Amsterdam ; Utrecht : trancity*Valiz ; Urban Futures Studio (Utrecht University), 2020. - 222 p. : col. and bl/w ill. ; 23 cm
Includes index, notes
ISBN: 978-94-92095-78-7
The current ecological crisis will transform the face and fate of cities. ‘Neighbourhoods for the Future' is based on the conviction that we should rethink cities by  introducing the concepts of neighbourhood arrangements and ecologies. Based on examples in Europe and North America, the writers provide new perspectives on the relation between participants, resources, and to prepare urbanites and policymakers for realizing their own sustainable neighbourhoods for the future.

Apolonija Sustersic : Community Research Office / ed. by Anders Kreuger ; tekst Liutauras Psibilskis. - Frankfurt am Main : Revolver, 2004. - 136 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Includes bibliography
ISBN: 3-86588-021-5
The IBID gallery in East London was temporarily converted into Community Research Office, to look at the process of gentrification in the local area. 16.01-02.03.2003

Neighbourhood - Where Alvaro meets Aldo : Portugese Official Representation at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2016 / texts by Adri Duivesteijn, Alberto Ferlenga, Alvaro Siza [ al.]. - Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2017. - 208 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Includes biographies
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4287-0
The pavilion at the Venice Biennale exhibited four notable works by Álvaro Siza on Social Housing - Campo di Marte (Venice); Schilderswijk (The Hague); Schlesisches Tor (Berlin); and Bairro da Bouça (Porto) - revealing his participatory experience with the local inhabitants, and his peculiar understanding of the European city and citizenship. Those projects have created true places of neighbourhood, an important subject of the current European political agenda, towards a more tolerant and multicultural society. This book also reveals the major social and urban changes which took place in these neighbourhoods: processes triggered by immigration, ghettoization, gentrification and "touristification" of cities.

Visie op de stad : Alvaro Siza in de Schilderswijk, Den Haag / door Dorien Boasson ; met bijdragen van Adri Duivesteijn, Alvaro Siza, Jacques Poot [ al.]. - Den Haag: Projektorganisatie Stadsvernieuwing, 1988. - 60 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 90-6630-110-4
In 1988 werd het door Alvaro Siza ontworpen woningcomplex "Punt en Komma" in de Haagse Schilderswijk opgeleverd. Ter gelegenheid van het gereedkomen van dit project heeft de gemeente Den Haag (Project Organisatie Stadsvernieuwing) een boek over het experimentele plan- en ontwerpproces waarmee het woningbouwplan is voorbereid werd gemaakt onder de titel "Visie op de stad - Alvaro Siza in de Schilderswijk, Den Haag". Het is geschreven door Dorien Boasson, redactrice van het blad Archis. Het boek bevat een beeldende documentatie van het ontwerpproces, zowel stedenbouwkundig als architectonisch, foto's, tekeningen en schetsen van Siza.

Angela Ferreira : Revolutionary Traces / ed. by Angela Ferreira and Francien van Westrenen. - Den Haag : Stroom Den Haag, 2014. - 48 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 978-90-73799-79-0
Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition Ângela Ferreira 'Revolutionary Traces' at Stroom Den Haag (7 December 2014 - 22 February 2015). Two new sculptures by the Portuguese/South African artist Ângela Ferreira link the work of architect Álvaro Siza Viera in the Schilderswijk (The Hague '85-'93) with Bairro de Bouça (Porto, '73-‘77). Both housing projects were realized under revolutionary circumstances. Revolutionary Traces focuses on this extraordinary period in the history of social housing and asks questions about the role of culture in urban renewal, the involvement of visionary administrators and the call of the government for participation by the inhabitants.

New Relations in Art and Society / ed. by Friederike Wappler ; contributors Claire Bishop, Beatrice Gibson, Thomas Hirschhorn [ al.]. - Zürich : JRP | Ringier, 2011. - 334 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - (Christoph Keller Editions). - (De / Eng.)
ISBN: 978-3-03764-189-7
Theodor W. Adorno described artworks as closed, autonomous worlds that both contain society and turn away from it. This essential contradiction is at the core of any discussion of art that aspires to shake off the exhibition space and extend itself into the social sphere. In 2011 a conference was held in Germany on socially engaged art. New Relations in Art and Society is the result, gathering together a range of writers reflecting on the role of participation in art: the theoretical frameworks that have redefined the relationship between artwork and viewer; art projects that have employed participation effectively; the political and institutional challenges in promoting participatory art; and the transformation in curatorial practices that has resulted.

Relational Aesthetics / Nicolas Bourriaud. - Dijon : Les presses du réel, 2002 (1998 originally in french). - 125 p. ; 21 cm. Includes glossary and index
ISBN: 2-84066-060-1
The  French curator Nicholas Bourriaud defined the term Relational Aesthetics as: A set of artistic practices which take as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and their social context, rather than an independent and private space. He saw artists as facilitators rather than makers and regarded art as information exchanged between the artist and the viewers. The artist, in this sense, gives audiences access to power and the means to change the world.

What is Critical Spatial Practice? / ed. by Nikolaus Hirsch & Markus Miessen ; with contr. by David Adjaye, Renzo Martens, Hans-Ulrich Obrist [ al.]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2012. - 162 p. : ill. ; 15 cm. - (Critical Spatial practice 1)
ISBN: 978-3-943365-27-6
In September 2011, Nikolaus Hirsch and Markus Miessen invited protagonists from the fields of architecture, art, philosophy and literature to reflect on the single question of what, today, can be understood as a critical modality of spatial practice. Most of the sixty-four contribu­tions presented in this volume were composed concurrently with the evictions of many of the Occupy movements, sustained turmoil in countries of the Arab Spring, and continued spasms in the global financial system, which, interestingly, all pointed at the question and problematic of whether architecture and our physical environment can still be understood as a res publica.

Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms / ed. by Katy Deepwell ; with contr. by Linda Aloysius, Emma Curd, Sonja van Kerkhoff ...[et al.]. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2020. - 228 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. - (PLURAL Series 1)
Includes notes, index
ISBN: 978-94-92095-72-5
Publication containing a range of critical insights, perspectives and practices from artists, activists, curators, academics and writers, exploring and reflecting on a variety of feminist interventions in the field of contemporary art, social processes, the public sphere and politics. Thus it touches upon broader questions of cultural difference, history, class, economic position, ecology, politics, sexual orientation, and the ways in which these intersect.

No Trespassing : Squatting, Rent Strikes and Land Struggles Worldwide / by Anders Corr. - Cambridge, Mass. : South End Press, 1999. - 244 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references
ISBN: 0-89608-5953
From landless peasants in Brazil to rent strikers in the Bronx, communities have resisted eviction and repression. Anders Corr, an experienced participant as well as a scholar of such movements, tells how they are organized, what makes them just, and what lessons can be learned to make them more effective.

Courageous Citizens : How Culture Contributes to Social Change / ed. by Bas Lafleur, Wietske Maas, Susanne Mors ; texts by Stuart Hall, Pascal Gielen, Saskia Sassen, Ana Vuljanovic, Fatima El-Tayeb [ al.]. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2018. - 271 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
ISBN: 978-94-92095-51-0
Courageous Citizens celebrates the capacity of individuals and small groups to contribute to social change through culture and art. The book focuses on those whose daring, sharing, and inventing contribute to our collective future, and for whom culture and democracy are the starting points for vision and action. The cycle of (re-)thinking, doing, and changing that is inherent in remodelling the way we see the world and concurrently the potential of culture to contribute to positive social change, is addressed through three key themes: I - Diversity and Equality; II - Communities and Democracy; III - Fragmentation and Solidarity.

In these circumstances : On collaboration, performativity, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices / ed. by  Philippine Hoegen, Lilia Mestre - Eindhoven : Onomatopee, 2022. - 240 p. ; 20,5 cm
ISBN: 9789493148857
"In these circumstances: On collaboration, performativity, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices" is a publication about artistic research as it is practiced within the co-learning environment of a.pass. This book brings together an assemblage of curatorial, artistic and pedagogical approaches emblematic of an institution that fosters collaboration, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices.
The book presents itself as a printed version of the educational model of a.pass. It enacts its characteristics in a conversational and experimental mode, exposing questions and doubts as much as insights and convictions. It conveys a history of the stakes, qualities and methods of artistic research in the context of both an ongoing academisation of art education, as well as an abrasion of the once unbridled scene of artist-run organisations in Northern Europe. Documented here is how a.pass has carved a space for artistic research to deploy its tentacles.

But is it Art? : The Spirit of Art as Activism / ed. by Nina Felshin. - Seattle : Bay Press,1995. - 409 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Includes notes and bibliographies.
ISBN: 0-941920-29-1
The dozen essays here focus on a variety of artistic and cultural practices that help to define the "art" of public art and the "activism" of the activist artist. Informative and helpful new material on the Women's Action Coalition, the Guerrilla Girls and The Art and Homeless Collaborative stand next to more art historical essays. Public art / activist art today exists at a critical junction in the social history of this country, questioning the nature of art, the political process, public perception and insidious forms of control and domination - including the often didactic and well-intentioned artist who condescendingly helps certain social groups for personal advantage.
With a.o.: Gran Fury ; Group Material ; Guerrilla Girls [ al.]

Commonism : A New Aesthetics of the Real / ed. by Nico Dockx and Pascal Gielen. -Amsterdam : Valiz, 2018. - 448 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. - (Antennae Series no 25)
Incl. Index
ISBN: 978-94-92095-47-3
After half a century of neoliberalism, a new radical, practice-based ideology is making its way from the margins: commonism, based on the values of sharing, common (intellectual) ownership and new social co-operations. Commoners assert that social relationships can replace money (contract) relationships. They advocate solidarity and they trust in peer-to-peer relationships to develop new ways of production. 'Commonism' maps those new ideological thoughts. How do they work and, especially, what is their aesthetics? How do they shape the reality of our living together? Is there another, more just future imaginable through the commons? What strategies and what aesthetics do commoners adopt?
With: Rudi Laermans, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Liam Gillick...[et al.]

(Dis)connection  / ed. and texts by Alexandra Landré and Karina Kottová ; texts by Barbara Ciprová, Veronika Cechovà, Tereza Jindrová. - Prague : Jindrich Chalupecký Society, 2019. - unpaged : ill. ; 31 cm
ISBN: 978-80-905317-9-6
Brochure accompanying ‘(Dis)connection', an exhibition with installations, sculptures and video works by thirteen international artists. ‘(Dis)connection' - a co-production of Kunstvereniging Diepenheim and the Chalupecký Society (Czech Republic) - brought together different artistic positions linked by a shared concern: how can we live together? The question was an echo of a larger field of social and economic concerns. It suggests a rethinking of the ways in which we organize ourselves - both personally and collectively. In the midst of a global environmental, humanitarian and political crisis, we have to ask ourselves what we can do to avert this threat. What knowledge can we resort to and which assumptions and values should we let go of?‘(Dis)connection' was the start of the a long-term collaborative research project 'Islands: Possibilities of Togetherness' of initiator Jindrich Chalupecký Society, with research, an exhibition and lectures, realized with various international organizations and partners. Adéla Babanová (CZ), Sybren de Boer (NL), Lotte Geeven & Yeb Wiersma (NL), Anna Hulacová (CZ), Valentýna Janu (CZ), Hannah Joka ((CZ), Martin Kohout (NL), Frank Mandersloot (NL), Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkácová (CZ), Maria Pask (CZ) & Frederique Bergholtz (NL)

Hospitality : Hosting Relations in Exhibitions / editors Beatrice von Bismarck, Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer ; texts by Dieter Roelstraete, Andrea Fraser, Anthony Huberman [ al.]. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2016. - 220 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN: 978-3-95679-089-8
This publication analyzes, from the perspective of hospitality, the curatorial within the current sociopolitical context through key topics concerning immigration, conditions along borders, and accommodations for refugees. The contributions in this volume, by international curators, artists, critics, and theoreticians, deal with conditions of decontextualization and displacement, encounters between the local and the foreign, as well as the satisfaction of basic human needs. A curatorial situation operates in the space between an unconditional acceptance of the other and exclusions legitimized through various rules and regulations.

The Art of Civil Action : Political Space and Cultural Dissent / ed. by Philipp Dietachmair and Pascal Gielen; with contributions by  Andrew Barnett, Thijs Lijster, Tomislav Medak ...[et al.]. - Amsterdam : Valiz, 2017. - 352 p ;  21 cm. - (Antennae Series, nr 24)  
Incl. Notes, Index
ISBN: 978-94-92095-39-8
How arts and culture can offer the building blocks for a strong civil domain. Social scientists, cultural theorists, activists and artists discuss different artistic platforms, activist groups and new forms of citizen initiatives.

Theater of Exhibitions
/ by Jens Hoffmann. - Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2015. - 88 p. : ill. ; 19 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN: 978-3-95679-087-4
Theater of Exhibitions analyzes "art after the end of art," questioning whether inherited frameworks of making, theorizing, and exhibiting art still apply to contemporary practice. The book also considers the current commodification of the art industry and the distribution of images in the digital age. Drawing from his formation in theater and his own curatorial work, Jens Hoffmann reflects on the spaces of contemporary art—the gallery, the institution, the biennial—and ultimately positions the discipline of curating in the context of a larger cultural sphere shaped by the political, social, and economic conditions of its time, while demanding new attitudes and new thinking. Hoffmann inventively connects the epic theater of Bertolt Brecht and Erwin Piscator with the most recent developments in curatorial practice."What is an appropriate form of assembly, an adequate embodied ritual for a global society in the twenty-first century? The exhibition still offers the best solution.

Beyond No 2 : Values and Symptoms : Shortsories on the Post-Contemporary / editor Pedro Gadanho ; shortstories by Sam Jacob, Markus Miessen, Marc Schuilenburg [ al.]. - Amsterdam : SUN, 2009. - 160 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
ISBN: 978-90-8506-793-1
Beyond is an urban literary magazine dedicated to experimental forms of architectural and urban writing. It arrives at a time in which architects and urbanists tackle fascinating issues while their reports fail to attract a wider audience. The shortstories included in this volume not only address current symptoms such as fear and paranoia, but also unexpected visions on how to deal with old urban issues such as war, gentrification, and capitalistic city growth.

Facing Value : Radical Perspectives from the Arts
/ edited by Maaike Lauwaert & Francien van Westrenen ; with texts by Tony Judt, Jan Ritsema, Viktor Schlovsky, Beverly Skeggs [ al.] ; with artist's pages by Atelier Van Lieshout, Reto Pulfer, Navid Nuur. - Amsterdam : Den Haag : Valiz : Stroom, 2016. - 444 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Includes index.
ISBN: 978-94-92095008
Value as a non-economic notion is one of the hardest concepts to tackle. Being immaterial, value is one of those core concepts that shapes society, influencing hearts and minds, but defies an easy definition. This book presents nine alternatives to regain personal power, find inspiration, shape a better environment, share energy and creativity, and build on a vital and just society. With an anthology of texts by a variety of contributors, the authors propose to place values such as hesitation, care, and giving at centre stage, in order to reclaim value from the logic of capital.


Opportunity : Visual Cultures as Opportunity
What Makes an Assembly? : Stories, Experiments, and Inquiries
Conversation Pieces : Community + Communication in Modern Art
How to Live Together : Novelistic Simulations of Some Everyday Spaces : Notes for a lecture course and seminar at the Collège de France (1976-1977)
Democracy in the Political Present : A Queer-Feminist Theory
Meeting Grounds : On Locality, Community, Connection and Care
Toward the Not-Yet : Art as Public Practice
Together : The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation
Social Housing - Housing The Social : Actors, Agents and Attendants II : Art, Property and Spatial Justice
Did Someone Say Participate? : An Atlas of Spatial Practice
Art and Solidarity Reader : Radical Actions, Politics and Friendships
Open City : Designing Coexistence
Trans-Local-Act : Cultural Practices Within and Across
In Defense of Housing : The Politics of Crisis
If You Lived Here : The City in Art, Theory, and Social Activism
The Autonomous City : A History of Urban Squatting
Architecture of Appropriation: On Squatting as Spatial Practice
Feminist City : Claiming Space in a Man-Made World
Vrouwen huizen in steden : De inbreng van vrouwen in Architectuur & Stedebouw
The Right to the City : Social Justice and the Fight for Public Space
Street Reclaiming : Creating Livable Streets and Vibrant Communities
Radical Housing : Art, Struggle, Care
Neighbourhoods for the Future : A Plea for a Social and Ecological Urbanism
Apolonija Sustersic : Community Research Office
Neighbourhood - Where Alvaro meets Aldo : Portugese Official Representation at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia
Visie op de stad : Alvaro Siza in de Schilderswijk, Den Haag
Angela Ferreira : Revolutionary Traces
New Relations in Art and Society
Relational Aesthetics
What is Critical Spatial Practice?
Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms
Courageous Citizens : How Culture Contributes to Social Change
No Trespassing : Squatting, Rent Strikes and Land Struggles Worldwide
In these circumstances : On collaboration, performativity, self-organisation and transdisciplinarity in research-based practices
But is it Art? : The Spirit of Art as Activism