Web dossier: After Neurath

Otto Neurath: The Language of the Global Polis
by Nader Vossoughian
NAi Publishers (in collaboration with Stroom Den Haag)

Short biography of Otto Neurath
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Articles on Otto Neurath

Interview with Robin Kinross
in which he talks about the life and works of Otto Neurath.

Like sailors on the open sea
Article Steve Rushton in DotDotDot #14 (summer 2007)

Lecture by Femke Snelting: 'Skeleton, Corset, Skin'
delivered at After Neurath Symposium at Stroom Den Haag on 31 October 2006.

After Neurath: The Quest for an 'Inclusive Form of the Icon'
by Frank Hartmann
Text of the lecture Frank Hartmann gave during the After Neurath Symposium at Stroom Den Haag on October 31, 2006.

‘Bildersprache Otto Neurath'
by Frank Hartmann, Erwin K. Bauer.

'Society and Economy'.
An Atlas in Otto Neurath's Pictorial Statistics from 1930.1.
by Dr Sybilla Nikolow (Institute for Science and Technology Studies, University of Bielefeld, Germany).

‘From Texts to Pictures: The New Unity of Science'
by Kristóf Nyíri.

‘Mapping the Modern City: Otto Neurath, the International Congress of Modern Architecture (CIAM), and the Politics of Information Design (1931-1935)'
by Nader Vossoughian.
(sample publication, forthcoming in Design Issues).

Bibliography Otto Neurath
From website 'Art in the 20th Century' by C. Seegers
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Weblinks Otto Neurath

Weblinks Isotypes
Otto Neurath: International Picture Language (The First Rules of Isotype)

Paul Otlet
University Library Ghent on Paul Otlet

The Universe of Information. The work of Paul Otlet for documentation (by W. Boy Rayward)
(link to pdf file of 40.5 MB)