Speak, Memory: Sara van der Heide

12 December 2010 thru 20 February 2011
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
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Personal stories, distorted memories, lost moments and old traditions, traces of buildings: these are the elements that connect the diverse works in this exhibition. Below we focus on the work of Sara van der Heide.

Sara van der Heide (1977) was born in South Korea and lives and works in Amsterdam. In her drawings and paintings, fiction, current events and personal memories come together. In this sense her works are monuments for the here and now, for the moment that is always already gone once it has been captured. The present tense, the now, is the only time when the muddling of our memory through time and emotions is not at play. But once you say "now", the moment is already gone and remembering becomes harder. You could say that most of the works in this exhibition are a monument to a bygone time, odes to that which no longer is.

In Speak, Memory three drawings from her most recent solo exhibition FROM THE BEGINNING TILL THE END AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN (Lullin + Ferrari, Z├╝rich) are shown as well as the new work MUSEUM (2010) in which the names of major European ethnographic museums are placed side by side. Ethnographic museums are controversial classification systems in which the past and present are ranked and valued: this will be saved and this won't. Like other heritage institutions, they "distrust" the human memory and capture usages, ideas and cultures. By doing this they create a framework for our collective memory.

* Coinciding with the work MUSEUM, an artist publication will appear. More information on this publication will be made available on this website.