De onverdeelde stad... en haar gewillige beulen

7 essays on Transvaal, urban development and related topics

Only available in Dutch!

The title translates as 'The Undivided City... and Her Willing Executioners'. A pocket-sized publication, compiled by BAVO research, a joint venture of the architects/philosophers Gideon Boie and Matthias Pauwels. They analyze the connection between architecture, art, planning and politics.Their pamphlet reshuffles the cards in the deck of urban policy making. The anchorpoint is the restructuring of the problem neighborhood of Transvaal in The Hague. They use the 'critical paranoid method' to scan a number of crucially important policy documents and plans for the future. Additionally they point out that the contradictions in this material are not the result of negligence, but are the driving force behind the developments in Transvaal.

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