Annual Report 2019 Stroom Den Haag

The Annual Report 2019 of Stroom Den Haag presents an overview of all Stroom's activities and projects in the year 2019.

>> Download here the pdf of the full annual report 2019 (in Dutch only).

Public version (online)
Stroom 2019: our year in review
Like last year we offer you an online version (in Dutch and English) of our Annual Report featuring various highlights through photographs, film clips, texts and quotes. Click on the title above to view it online

Eline Benjaminsen, Camille Blake, Deborah Cameron, Jeroen Eisinga, Christian van der Kooy, Tarona Leonora, Naomi Moonlion, Peter de Ruig, Mylène Siegers, Eric de Vries, The Rodina and Stroom Den Haag

      Author: Stroom Den Haag
      Compiled by: Stroom Den Haag
      Photography / Illustration: various photographers
      Designer: The Rodina (online highlights version )
      Published: 2020
      Language: Dutch + English (online highlights version only)
      Publisher: Stroom Den Haag
      Medium: brochure
      Price: only available online or as download
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