De maatschappelijke ladder (Ouborg Award 2019 for Jeroen Eisinga)

Publication as part of the Ouborg Award 2019 for Jeroen Eisinga.

This publication is only available in Dutch!

On Friday 22 November 2019 the artist Jeroen Eisinga received the Ouborg Award 2019. Part of this award is the Dutch language publication De maatschappelijke ladder, produced and published by  Stroom Den Haag and an exhibition in Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

Jeroen Eisinga
(1966) created and developed this 328 page collection together with his wife Natasja van Kampen. He wrote the texts, she took care of the graphic design. "It is a vibrant book full of ideas and discoveries", says Eisinga. "Sketches, ideas, thoughts, reflections, the set-up of projects, the completion of projects, failed projects and work never shown before. I have combined this with texts that should not be seen as an explanation of the work, but as underlying thoughts, and research, independent and autonomous."
Jeroen Eisinga also talks about his working method as an ambitious artist, not easily satisfied and always looking for new horizons. For his iconic film Springtime (2011) he was covered by a swarm of more than 150,000 bees. His work is very labor-intensive. Eisinga's oeuvre may be small, but it is very impressive. His films have been shown at international festivals and in art institutions all over the world and they are included in various museum collections and private collections.

The publication De maatschappelijke ladder (price: € 29,50) is available at Stroom Den Haag (bookshop and online), Kunstmuseum Den Haag and in selected bookshops in The Netherlands. The book is only available in Dutch.
The book is a publication of Stroom Den Haag and is also made possible by The City of The Hague.

Ouborg Award
The Ouborg Award, named after the artist Pieter Ouborg (1893-1956) from The Hague, is a municipal award for visual arts. With the Ouborg Award, The Hague shows its pride and appreciation for the level, merit, quality and supra-local significance of the nominees and the extent to which they contribute to the artistic climate in the city and to its (international) image.
The Ouborg Award is awarded at the most once every two years and at least once every four years. The award consists of a sum of money of € 10.000, an exhibition in Kunstmuseum Den Haag (formerly known as Gemeentemuseum Den Haag) and a publication produced by Stroom Den Haag.

Ouborg Award winners 1990-present
Earlier laureates are: Christie van der Haak (2015), Marcel van Eeden (2013), André Kruysen (2011), Justin Bennett (2009), Zeger Reyers (2007), Ben van Os (2005), Hans van der Pennen (2003), Vojta Dukàt (2001), Philip Akkerman (1999), Auke de Vries (1997), Martin Rous (1996), Dick Raaijmakers (1995), Tomas Rajlich (1994), Lotti van der Gaag (1993), Gerard Fieret (1992), Wil Bouthoorn (1991), Frans Zwartjes (1990).

Jury Ouborg Award 2019
The jury of the Ouborg Award 2019 consisted of: Janneke Hendriks (graphic designer/Studio Janneke Hendriks), Christie van der Haak (former laureate, visual artist), Frits Dijcks (visual artist/Topp & Dubio/ism project space/editor-in-chief Jegens & Tevens), Benno Tempel (director Kunstmuseum Den Haag), Arno van Roosmalen (chairman, director Stroom Den Haag).

The Ouborg Award is a joint initiative of the City of The Hague, Kunstmuseum Den Haag and Stroom Den Haag.
This edition was also made possible by EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.

'De maatschappelijke ladder' (cover)
photo: courtesy the artist
'De maatschappelijke ladder' (pages 52-53)
'De maatschappelijke ladder' (pages 186-187)
'De maatschappelijke ladder' (pagines 102-103)
'De maatschappelijke ladder' (pagina's 216-217)
Jeroen Eisinga and alderman Saskia Bruines with the first copy of the book
photo: Mylène Siegers, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Ouborg Award ceremony 2019: Jeroen Eisinga + alderman Saskia Bruines
photo: Mylène Siegers, courtesy Stroom Den Haag