Let’s go outside! Discover the art on the streets of The Hague

City map with 100+ highlights

The printed version of this city map is no longer available. But you can still download the map as a pdf file.
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Hop on your bike, the bus or tram and plan your own trip!

Did you know there are many works of art in The Hague, right on the street? In the city center you will find a sculpture gallery with 40 modern sculptures, including a huge sculpture by Karel Appel near City Hall: a stack of colourful animals. And of course there are many historical monuments in the city, for example around the Binnenhof. And ‘kèhk nâh' (The Hague slang for ‘look there') - not just Eline Vere, but also Haagse Harry is immortalized in a sculpture!! Outside the city center there is also a lot of art to be found - in the Zuiderpark, around the Gemeentemuseum, in the harbour and on Scheveningen Boulevard. And if you are looking for an unforgettable experience you should visit the unique piece of land art by James Turrell in Kijkduin. An absolute must!

photo: design: Vruchtvlees