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Magazine about art in The Hague

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This issue of DH/// is the third edition of the free bilingual (Dutch/English) magazine focusing on contemporary art in The Hague. The publication sheds light on the city's diverse and unique artistic climate, and reflects the full breadth of The Hague's contemporary art scene. Distributed both within the Netherlands and abroad, DH/// can serve as a guide when exploring The Hague's rich cultural infrastructure.

DH/// was available for free at Stroom Den Haag (Hogewal 1-9 in The Hague), at more than 15 other art places in The Hague, at the Tourist Office VVV Den Haag and on various locations outside of The Hague. The magazine was also distributed internationally. The magazine is no longer available, but you can download a pdf: click here.

Connie van Driel (Stroom Den Haag)

Vincent de Boer, Arnold Mosselman, Mischa Poppe (Stroom Den Haag)

Willem Kramer
Alexander Mayhew (The Hague Avant-garde, The Hague Dutch Capital of initiatives and Warsaw calling)

Final editing Dutch texts:
Arjan Reinders

Final editing English texts:
Willem Kramer

Contributors (texts):
Jacoba Bruneel, Laurie Cluitmans, Egbert en Sjoerd van Faassen, Maaike Lauwaert (Stroom Den Haag), Alexander Mayhew, Arjan Reinders, Arno van Roosmalen (Stroom Den Haag), Anne Ruygt, Bob van der Sterre, Aafke Weller

Other contributors to DH///:
Cora Roorda van Eijsinga, Natascha Helmer, Lidwien Nielander (Stroom Den Haag), Jos Diender

Connie van Driel, Pot & van der Velden

Graphic design:
Pot & van der Velden grafisch ontwerpers

Cover & backcover:
Welmer Keesmaat (from the series ‘Depart', 2012)

Printed by:
platform P, Rotterdam


Special thanks to: The various artists, institutions, galleries, presentation/project spaces and artists' initiatives involved, the Municipality of The Hague (Department of Education, Culture and Welfare/Cultural Policy; Programme Agency for The Hague International City Investments) and everyone else who has helped realise this edition of DH///.

DH/// Magazine was made possible in part thanks to the generous financial support of the Municipality of The Hague (Programme Agency for The Hague International City Investments).

DH/// Magazine
photo: Welmer Keesmaat | Design: Pot & van der Velden grafisch ontwerpers
DH/// Magazine display at Stroom
photo: © Pot & van der Velden grafisch ontwerpers
DH/// launch: Arno van Roosmalen presents alderman Marjolein de Jong with the first copy
photo: © Pot & van der Velden grafisch ontwerpers
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