Annual Report 2018 Stroom Den Haag

The Annual Report 2018 of Stroom Den Haag presents an overview of all Stroom's activities and projects in the year 2018.

This year is the very first time we offer you an online version of our Annual Report featuring 18 highlights through photographs, filmclips, texts and quotes.
Stroom 2018: The Highlights
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>> The full annual report 2018 can be downloaded as a pdf (Dutch language only)

Lawrence Lek, Fruitmarket/Thomas Schneider, Shari de Boer, Das Leben am Haverkamp, Tarona Leonora, Sander Foederer, Navid Nuur, Ayako Nishibori, Nishiko, Jannes Linders, Mylène Siegers, Valiz, The Rodina and Stroom Den Haag

City of The Hague; Mondriaan Fund; Creative Industries Fund NL; Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds; Stichting tot Steun (of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague); De Brakke Grond; Museum Dr. Guislain; NIAS (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences); The Art of Impact; Tanja Schell/Geurlab; The Ravestijn Gallery; STUK, Huis voor Dans, Beeld en Geluid; General Representation of the Government of Flanders; TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation; Fruitmarket Arts & Media GmbH; IIPM - International Institute of Political Murder; Langfilm/Bernard Lang AG; Lemafrika; Movies that Matter; Embassy of the North Sea; Building Conversation; Parliament of Things; Stichting De Noordzee; Waag Society; Royal Academy of Art The Hague; arebyte Gallery; The One Minutes; Dutch Future Society; Grey Space in the Middle; Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo, Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands; Satellietgroep; Billytown; Tofino Botanical Gardens; Torinoumi Dental Clinic; Galerie Fons Welters; Galerie Martin van Zomeren; Plan-B; De Appel Art Center Curatorial Programme; ANNA Vastgoed & Cultuur; Google AdWords; BNO Kring Groot Den Haag; We Are Public; CultuurSchakel; Campai; Boekhandel Van Stockum; Festival Designkwartier; BIO Art & Design Award; Gemeentemuseum De Haag; The Hague Contemporary; Zefir7 program board and guests.

Screenshot: Stroom 2018: The Highlights
photo: design: The Rodina