Stroom Premium: Thom Vink

Publication the occasion of the Stroom Premium subsidy. Awarded since 2006 to artists from The Hague, this grant is given on the basis of the value of their current work and their position in the art scene of The Hague.

Stroom Premium publications
2009: Channa Boon, Harold de Bree, gerlach en koop, Ton Schuttelaar, Machiel van Soest en Bram Vreven.
2010: Rachel Bacon, Marleen Sleeuwits en Zeger Reyers.
2011: Leontine Lieffering, Sara Rajaei, Vittorio Roerade
2012: Gamal Ez, Arianne Olthaar, Thom Vink

Please send an email with book title, number of desired copies and your name and address information to:

Cover Thom Vink
photo: graphic design: Thonik, Amsterdam