Harco Haagsma, Jannes Linders, 2001

Hofstadcollege voor Horeca en Techniek, Meppelweg 339, Den Haag

The artists Harco Haagsma and Jannes Linders each provided an art project for the Hofstadcollege. Harco Haagsma installed several plasma screens in the corridors on the three floors of the building. The screens are equipped with built-in digital cameras and show random images of the school children passing through the corridors. Jannes Linders, for his part, installed a frieze in the school's cantine, showing several series of closeup photographs of the hairdos, jewellery and hands of the pupils. A huge photoprint on the backwall of the cantine depicts a bar at Schiphol airport, thus providing the pupils with a view of the world outside.

Harco Haagsma
Jannes Linders