Maatschap Van Meegen, Maatman en Tjepkema, 2001

François Vatelschool, Granaathorst 2-4, Den Haag

The François Vatelschool, named after Louis XIV's chef, is a cookery school for teenagers from the ages of 12 to 16. For the large new building of the school Maatschap Van Meegen, Maatman & Tjepkema came up with a prestigious ‘3-star' image, including a logo which can be used on napkins and cutlery and e.g. on the marzipan leafs decorating pastry and bread baked on the school's premises. In addition De Maatschap designed an interactive school bell called ‘Star of the moment'. Each teacher or pupil can record a sound, text or scream, which will be played each time the bell announces the start of new classes.