Annechien Meier, 2023

CBS De Vliermeent, Vlierboomstraat 362, The Hague

Location: CBS De Vliermeent, Vlierboomstraat 362, The Hague

The school De Vliermeent wanted more ‘green' and Annechien Meier, who's experienced with urban agriculture projects and mobile allotment gardens, seemed a natural fit. Ultimately the school picked up a part of the project during the Covid pandemic, asking the artist to focus on a different aspect. Her work ‘Dan Rusten' (‘Then Rest') is an idyllic garden that invites visitors to do things. In this case, it is a river landscape with foot bath that's perfect for paddling. Pupils (and other visitors') experience how human life is entwined with our natural environment. Given the emphasis on the importance of water to our climate, Hoogheemraadschap Delfland and Fonds 1818 financially supported this project into creating this ‘oasis of calm'.  

Opening 'Dan Rusten', CBS De Vliermeent
photo: Eilard Meier, courtesy Stroom Den Haag