Maurice Meewisse, 2023

Diamant Onderwijs & Kinderopvang, Diamanthorst 181a, The Hague

Location: Diamant Education & Childcare , Diamanthorst 181a, The Hague

Maurice Meewisse lives and works in Rotterdam. His work ranges from land art and sculpture to performance art and videos. For this project Maurice formed a think tank together with seven pupils and a member of the school's teaching staff. Together, they explored the boundaries between the school's new playground and the adjacent public park. Where does the space reserved for fun and games end, and the ‘regular' public space begin? They did research and worked on a website, which ultimately formed the basis for the actual artwork. The pupils were directly involved in the work's creation; in effect, they were the commissioning client responsible for approving the proposal. Another element of the project is a large statue of a caterpillar which for decades was a beloved fixture of the school's old playground. It has been cleaned up and repaired.  

De Vuurvlinder / Diamant
photo: Maurice Meewisse, courtesy Stroom Den Haag