Wateringse Veld

Wateringse Veld, The Hague

At the request of the Ontwikkelingscombinatie Wateringse Veld, Stroom conceived an art plan for the Wateringse Veld, a new suburb (then still under development) in which a total of 8000 homes were constructed at a new location in The Hague.

The lighted gates by Reinier Tweebeeke were completed 2001. Over the years it has become clear that they require a lot of maintenance.

In 2003 the so-called water tables by Eric de Lyon were put into operation. They accentuate the landscape qualities of the Upper Dyke that forms the border of the neighbourhood and plays an important role in the water maintenance within this area. The water faucets in the wall of the quay at the side of the dyke, emphasize the importance of clean water once more.

herman de vries designed a 'Tree Museum' which is growing slowly. In close collaboration with the designers of public pace the species of tree for each street were determined. The tree collection consists of ca. 200 different species. Nature stone nameplates have been implemented in the sidewalk.

Marjan Schoenmakers designed a work based on texts.

In 1996 the artists Ton van Kints and Cary Markerink were asked to make an inventory of the existing characteristics of this market gardening and greenhouse area.

Opening in 2010 (a.o. work Marjan Schoenmakers)
Marjan Schoenmakers, 'Voorzichtig Schuimkoekjes'
light gate by Reinier Tweebeeke
water table by Eric de lyon
'tree museum' by herman de vries
Ton van Kints
Cary Markerink
Marjan Schoenmakers