Marieken Verheyen, 2001

Elementary school De Triangel, Meester de Bruinplein 3, Den Haag

Elementary school De Triangel has an inner courtyard of 8 by 20 meters which is used as a playground by the youngest children of the school. The classrooms of the other childern also look out on to this playground. When the artist Marieken Verheyen was asked to create a work of art for one of the walls of this courtyard, she invited 10 fellow artists to collaborate on the project. The result is a 2-dimensional doll-house-like ‘dreamhouse' with 11 totally different rooms. In addition a flight of stairs leads to a big, imposing door with a letterbox. In addition to Marieken Verheyen herself the participating artists who each designed one of the rooms are: Lisa Couwenbergh; Frank Halmans; Remy Jungerman; Bastienne Kramer; Zeger Reyers; Elisa van Schie; Rein Jelle Terpstra; Marjan Laaper; Jaap de Jonge; Suzan Drummen.