Return on Invest

2 June thru 9 September 2012
Opening: Friday 1 June, 8 pm
during Hoogtij #29
(extra activities during opening see Stroom School below)
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Open: Wednesday thru Sunday, 12-5 pm

Also open during Hoogtij #30 on Friday 7 september, 7-11 pm

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Stroom School Return on Invest

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A side program of guided tours, talks and studio visits.

The artists in Return on Invest are:
Daan Brinkmann >> read more
Sarah Carlier
>> read more
Robin de Goede
>> read more
Lilian Kreutzberger >> read more
Nishiko >> read more
Femmy Otten >> read more
Clara Palli Monguilod >> read more
Magdalena Pilko >> read more
Basten Stokhuyzen >> read more

The exhibition Return on Invest presents a selection work by nine artists from The Hague who received a Stroom Invest subsidy over the past years. The contribution of these young, creative and driven artists is of major importance for a blooming art climate in The Hague.

Money is one way to express economic value; time, luck, or talent are other ways. Funding is merely one word to describe the government support of the arts; investment is the other. It is for a good reason that Stroom Den Haag named the grant that enables young artists from The Hague to develop their practice, Return on Invest.

According to various economists, in times of crisis, investment in innovation is a necessity. For the government, completely contrary to the zeitgeist, this implies a stronger commitment to culture, which after all is the department of research & development of our society. A commitment that will generate a self-renewing, open society.

Stroom Invest Program
De Stroom Invest subsidy is a grant for young, recently graduated artists helping them in the further development of their career and stimulating their active participation in the art scene in The Hague. In order to give these artists an extra push Stroom organizes an annual Invest Program, which comprises a program of studio visits by (inter)national curators, presentations, and informal meetings.

Survey Stroom Invest Program 2007-present (information in Dutch)

This exhibition was made possible with the support and help of:
The Mondriaan Fund, Fulbright & the Netherland America Foundation, De Stichting dr Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fonds, Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, VisHartslag, TodaysArt, Svetlobna Gverila Festival (Lighting Guerrilla Festival), Daniel Moeyaert, Agnes Winter, Jacoba Bruneel, Marc Davidson, Roosje Klap, Nobl_Amaze.

Return on Invest (overview)
photo: © Rob Kollaard, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Daan Brinkmann i.c.w. Nenad Popov, Cellwise, 2011
photo: courtesy the artists
Sarah Carlier, Fisherman's blue(s), 2012
photo: Video still, courtesy the artist
Robin de Goede, Ruin Value, 2010
photo: Video still, courtesy the artist
Lilian Kreutzberger, Untitled, 2012
photo: © Rob Kollaard, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Nishiko, To knock the corners off, 2011
photo: courtesy the artist
Femmy Otten, New myth for new family, 2011-2012
photo: courtesy the artist
Clara Pallí Monguilod, Strange Revelation, n. 1, 2010
photo: Video still, courtesy the artist
Magdalena Pilko, Interviewing Ornaments, 2012
photo: courtesy the artist
Basten Stokhuyzen, Vanilla Options (The savy risk-taker), 2012
photo: © Rob Kollaard, courtesy Stroom Den Haag