Mark Pimlott 'All things pass'

photos and films

30 November 2008 thru 1 February 2009
Location: Hogewal 1-9
Opening reception: Saturday 29 November  2008, 5 pm
Introductory presentation by Mark Pimlott at 4 pm

Lecture Mark Pimlott
Wednesday Jaunary 28, 2009 at 8 pm

Mark Pimlott (Montreal, 1958, lives and works in London and The Hague) is an artists/designer who makes photographs and films. His practice spans architecture and the visual arts, is concerned with things and places, the contingent and interdependent relations of the urban environment, and meaning. Photographs are central to his work, serving as pieces of observation and thought, and as ‘places' in their own right. They are made in response to fleeting perceptions of truths embedded in the forms and arrangements of spaces and objects, which he regards as representations. In his pictures, one comes upon clearings where it becomes possible to imagine meetings with the other and becoming conscious of one's place in the World.
Mark Pimlott (Montréal, 1958) is a graduate of McGill University, Montréal; the Architectural Association, London; and Goldsmiths' College, University of London. Public art works include Guinguette, Birmingham (2000); La scala, Aberystwyth (2003); World, London (2002-10). Films include 1965 (1998); One/the other (1999); Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (2005). Interiors include Red House, London (1999-present); and restaurant Puck, The Hague (2007). He was Professor in relation to practice in Architecture (Interior) at TU Delft (2002-2005), where he is currently Senior Lecturer. Mark Pimlott has published articles and essays in numerous journals of architecture. His first book, ‘Without and within: essays on territory and the interior' (episode publishers, Rotterdam, 2007) will be followed in 2009 by a book of pictures entitled ‘All things pass' by the same publisher.

Guided tours:
Sunday November 30th, December 14th 2008, January 18th 2009, 3 PM
Exhibition made possible in part by Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam.

Lodz, PL, 1994
photo: Mark Pimlott
Stockholm (SE), 2004
photo: © Mark Pimlott
Praha (CZ), 1990
photo: © Mark Pimlott
photo: Rob Kollaard
photo: Rob Kollaard
photo: Rob Kollaard
photo: Rob Kollaard
photo: Rob Kollaard