Aanmoedigingsprijs 1997

Tjebbe Beekman, Eva Gatell Breis, Annick van Elsacker, Nicoline van Harskamp, Nicole Pfyl, Mehdi Rouchiche, Tini Schilder, Ems Teijchine Stakenburg, Wieke Terpstra, Hakim Tourdiev

The Aanmoedigingsprijs 1997 was awarded to: Tjebbe Beekman (drawing, painting); Eva Gatell Breis (drawing, painting, design); Annick van Elsacker (sculpture); Nicoline van Harskamp (monumental design); Nicole Pfyl (image and sound); Mehdi Rouchiche (drawing, painting); Tini Schilder (drawing, graphic design); Ems Teijchine Stakenburg (drawing, painting); Wieke Terpstra (monumental design); Hakim Tourdiev (drawing, painting).

The award is given by Stroom Den Haag to selected students as a special incentive upon their graduation from the Royal Academy in The Hague.