Unveiling new sculpture Lara Schnitger in The Sculpture Gallery

This princess saves herself

Saturday 23 October 2021
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Starts at Stroom, Hogewal 1-9
14:00 - talk with Lara Schnitger
15:00 - intermission
15:45 - start procession Suffragette City >> more info
17:00 - unveiling This princess saves herself on Grote Markstraat, The Hague

As of Saturday 23 October the city of The Hague will be the home of a powerful statement on solidarity and female empowerment. We are looking forward to the unveiling of the new sculpture This princess saves herself by the Dutch artist Lara Schnitger. It is the latest addition to The Sculpture Gallery, the remarkable outdoor arrangement in the city center of sculptures by leading artists.

Procession Suffragette City
Prior to the unveiling of the sculpture, Lara Schnitger will present Suffragette City. This procession is a cry for equality and safety; both playful and political. Anyone who wants to make their voice heard about the ongoing struggle for women's rights is welcome! We start at Stroom on the Hogewal at 15:45 hrs.

Lara Schnitger uses textiles as a form of expression. In her work she uses the evocative power of the material and symbols from everyday life, she gives them political meaning and transforms them into outspoken feminist statements. She often builds both suggestive, intimate sculptures and architectural installations in which texts also play an important role. Like much of her work her new bronze sculpture This princess saves herself is both humorous and politically charged.
"... Princesses in fairy tales are always saved by a prince. This Princess takes care of herself! She doesn't need a man. It's time we changed those old-fashioned fairy tales!!!," Schnitger said, of course also referring to the Dutch princesses.

More about Lara Schnitger
Lara Schnitger (1969, lives and works in Los Angeles) studied at the Kitakyushu Centre for Contemporary Art, Japan; Ateliers 63, Amsterdam; Academie Vyvarni Umeni, Prague and The Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Her work is shown internationally in a.o. Kunsthaus Dresden; FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims; Museum Het Domein, Sittard; Kunstwerke, Berlin; the UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, New York; Power Plant, Toronto; and the Royal Academy in London. It was featured at the Liverpool Biennial in 1999 and the Shanghai Biennial in 2002. In 2019 she was approached to design public art works for The Chelsea Highline and Hudson Yards, and in 2018 for Sydney Laneway Projects. Lar Schnitger also had a solo exhibition at Stroom Den Haag in 2005: My other car is a broom.

An exhibition of work by Lara Schnitger opens at Annet Gelink Gallery in Amsterdam on Friday 15 October, 17:00-19:00.

More about The Sculpture Gallery
The Sculpture Gallery in The Hague was conceived and designed by P. Struycken. Due to its permanent character and annual new commissions, it is a unique example of art in the public space: since the early 1990s it has shown a cross-section of Dutch sculpture art. Curator of The Sculpture Gallery is André Kruysen; project manager on behalf of Stroom is Vincent de Boer, advisor and supervisor of art in public space.

      23 Oct '21
      The Hague city center
Lara Schnitger, The Hague as Suffragette City, 2021
photo: Mylene Siegers, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Lara Schnitger, The Hague as Suffragette City, 2021
photo: Mylene Siegers, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Lara Schnitger, 'This princess saves herself', 2021
photo: Hani Chadilova, courtesy Stroom Den Haag
Lara Schnitger, 'This princess saves herself', 2021
photo: Hani Chladilova, courtesy Stroom Den Haag