Excavating the Ellipsis

Colloquium and book launch

Friday 16 and saturday 17 February 2024
New Delhi (IN)
Please register via Prins Claus Fund

Conflictorium, in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund, presents Excavating the Ellipsis: a two-day colloquium that addresses the question, "How do we build resilient and empathetic arts infrastructures?" The event builds on a multi-year collaboration with Stroom and the joint publication Elephant in the Room: Infrastructures of Signaling in the Arts and the symposium A Call to Open Calls. 

The purpose of the meeting in New Delhi is to recognize current patterns and gaps in arts infrastructures. It aims to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including artists, administrators, cultural producers and funders, to discuss the role of care within arts ecosystems. Alexandra LandrĂ©, artistic director of Stroom will participate in the panel discussion.  

Stroom, in collaboration with Conflictorium and as part of the exchange program Our House, your Home, has previously addressed a number of infrastructural issues itself in the publication Elephant in the Room: Infrastructures of Signaling in the Arts. This raises the question of whether an open call in the arts is truly open or challenged by its own protocols and biases. The publication will be launched at the colloquium on 17 February and is also available at Stroom. 

Excavating the Ellipsis will also consist of workshops, a panel talk, a speed date and a performance. The program also includes the launch of the Fund's application writing handbook, Funding Demystified, developed by the Fund.

photo: Stroom Den Haag