The Knight's Move: Carolyn Steel

The registration of the full lecture can be viewed on dvd in the library of Stroom Den Haag.

Wednesday 25 March 2009, 8.30 pm
Location: Museum voor Communicatie
Language: English

'Man and corn - it all comes back to that. Cultivation and civilization, city and country, paradise and hell, food has always shaped our lives, and it always will. Our legacy to those who inherit the earth will be determined by how we eat now - their future lies in our knives and forks and fingers.'
(Carolyn Steel, Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives, 2008)

This summer Stroom Den Haag will kick off the program 'Foodprint. Food for the city'. Foodprint takes place over the course of two years and focuses on the influence food can have on the culture, shape and functioning of the city, using The Hague as a case study. Carolyn Steel's book 'Hungry City' is one of the sources of inspiration for this program.

Carolyn Steel is an architect who looks at the city in a very unique way: from the perspective of food. In her book 'Hungry City' she claims that the shape and the functioning of the city as we know it used to be, and still is, determined by developments in the production, distribution and consumption of food.

We take the abundant supply of (cheap) food in the city for granted, but Steel warns us that this might all change in the near future. Therefore it is important for architects and urban developers to think of food supply when they design a city. This will also contribute greatly to a healthy, green, durable and sustainable city. The 'Know-what-you-eat' guru Michael Pollan links knowledge about food with a certain nostalgic longing for small-scale projects, whereas Carolyn Steel connects visionary ideas and a plea for the urgency of urban food production to a high-tech approach and big city life.
Website accompanying the book Hungry City.

With Foodprint Stroom aims to give new life to the way we think about food for the city. Foodprint will start at the end of June with an exhibition by internationally known artists, designers and architects including Atelier Van Lieshout, Winy Maas and The Why Factory, Nils Norman, Christien Meindertsma, Fritz Haeg and Debra Solomon. The program also consists of a symposium, workshops, lectures, excursions and film screenings, a culinary guide and extra activitities during 'Week van de Smaak' (Taste Week) in September.
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The Knight's Move
This year Stroom Den Haag kicked off 'The Knight's Move', a series of lectures by eminent international speakers who stand out by their unusual, enlightening and inspirational visions concerning the city, urbanity, the public domain, and community. Just as the knight moves in an atypical and unusual way across the chessboard, Stroom likewise wants to cut across all disciplines and thus stimulate rethinking the city.

This series of lectures is made possible by the financial support of the Netherlands Architecture Fund.

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Carolyn Steel during her lecture at Stroom
photo: Henk Augustijn
Carolyn Steel during her lecture at Stroom
photo: Henk Augustijn