Expanded Performance: lecture Pedro Gadanho

Thursday 6 December 2012, 8 pm
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
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Part of: Expanded Performance

Pedro Gadanho is an architect, curator and writer currently based in New York. He is the Curator for Contemporary Architecture at the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA. He will talk about his research into the idea of 'performance architecture'.

The lecture of Pedro Gadanho during the TodaysArt festival in September 2011, was an important source of inspiration for Expanded Performance. 'Think of how to stimulate social space, rather than worrying about the form of it. How people use the space, is more important than how it is made'. Thus Gadanho explained the term performance architecture in his lecture. Gadanho establishes a link between performance art and various architectural practices and shows how architects use performance strategies in order to set things into motion or to start a relationship with the audience (no matter if they are residents, passers-by or the visitors of a special project). Examples include critical, fast and collective actions or temporary places for encounters. Gadanho distinguishes various forms of performance architecture like Social Space, the stimulating effect of a (spatial) intervention; or City Space, the way one experiences the city space, not from a knowledge of urban planning, but throught the senses and one's body. In The City School, and also in the projects of the participating artists and the architectural interventions, this performative aspect of space, the city and architecture will become apparent.

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Pedro Gadanho
photo: source: BIArch Journal

photo: design: Niels Berk