Stroom School 'A Glass Darkly': guided tour Roel Griffioen

Sunday 2 November 2014, 15.00 hrs
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Part of A Glass Darkly

Reservations not needed

'The metaphor of total transparancy has always been a two-faced one; on the one hand there is the promise of freedom, equality and democracy, on the other hand there is the nightmare scenario of  totalitarian surveillance and the loss of individuality.' These words by Roel Griffioen in an article in Open! (2011) contribute to the reason why he was invited to give a guided tour of A Glass Darkly.

Roel Griffioen is an author and researcher, and editor of Kunstlicht. He is interested in the politics of urban renewal in post-war Dutch cities and in the role of photography in the history of architecture. He is the co-founder of  The Front Line, a longterm research project into the role of the creative class in urban politics. Recently he published an indepth review on platform Open! of the book Urban Literacy by Klaske Havik, who will give a lecture on November 12 about the relationship between literature and architecture (as part of the evening A Space Fantasy - Literary Architecture at Stroom Den Haag).

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Roel Griffioen
Klaske Havik, 'Urban Literacy'