Sam Durant: Is destruction creative?

A discussion of the Defaced Monuments project

The registration of the full lecture on dvd can be viewed in the library Stroom Den Haag.

Wednesday 1 October 2008
Start: 8 pm
Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
Language: English

In the oeuvre of the American artist Sam Durant the monument is a recurring theme. In the exhibition 'Since we last spoke about monuments' he presents material from his Defaced Monuments project. This database consists of an expanding digital archive of statues, sculptures, memorials, markers and monuments that have been intentionally or unintentionally altered, damaged or destroyed as a political statement or during a political protest. Sam Durant's ongoing project gathers traces of a global history of violence, a recurring scenario of conflict between monuments, ideological majorities and minorities - groups evacuated from the version of history proffered by monuments, individuals whose existence and rights those monuments do not acknowledge.

Website Sam Durant Defaced Monuments

Sam Durant (1961) usually focuses on historical, social and political topics, and has a highly critical view of the government of the USA. Recently he participated in the exhibition ‘Memorial to the Iraq War' (2007, ICA, London) with his 'Proposal for Iraq War Memorial, Symbolic Transposition of effects of war in Iraq to the U.S. and England'. In 2005 he presented his 'Proposal for White and Indian Dead Monuments Transposition, Washington D.C.' in the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York.

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Acknowledgement: Mondriaan Foundation, American Embassy The HAgue. Partner: Kosmopolis Den Haag.

Sam Durant, Defaced Monuments Project
Sam Durant, Proposal for White and Indian Dead Monuments Transposition, Washington D.C, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, NY, 2005
Sam Durant, No Lie Can Live Forever, OM Arnhem, 2006