Opening: Nøtel—Lawrence Lek + afterparty: Laser Club #4 x Nøtel

Opening: Saturday 1 September, 17 - 22 hrs
Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague
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Followed by afterparty (club nightfrom 22:00 hrs in The Grey Space, Paviljoensgracht 20, Den Haag
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Enjoy an unforgettable stay!

Nøtel (The Hague) is an immersive virtual reality installation by London-based artist Lawrence Lek, created in collaboration with electronic musician Kode9. The opening at Stroom will be followed by an afterparty at The Grey Space in the Middle featuring Kode9.

Nøtel Corporation is proud to present our first marketing suite for the Nøtel, our flagship range of zerø-star* hotels that embody the concept of fully-automated luxury. Designed by two world-leading architects to accommodate today's global nomads, you can rest assured that your secrecy and security is of the utmost importance. Why not indulge in the personalized, intelligent sound system at the piano bar, or bathe in the glow of our eco-friendly, thermo-nuclear spa?

Afterparty 'Laser Club #4 x Nøtel'
Location: The Grey Space in the Middle
10 pm—05 am (150 capacity ONLY first come first serve) >> buy tickets here (€ 10,-)
After LASER CLUB set ground in Seoul, Korea it returns home to The Hague in collaboration with Nøtel as the official after party for the opening the exhibition Nøtel (The Hague) at Stroom Den Haag. Besides a selection of Lawrence Lek's work exhibited in the gallery space of The Grey Space the night will contain a Club lineup of new and established international talents in sound.


Room I
Whitespace (Anni Nöps + Casimir)

Room II
Lawrence Lek - Pyramid Schemes (2018, 17 min)
"Architecture is prosthetic memory - a way for society to write without words. Print has evaporated into hypertext and cathedrals have grown into skyscrapers. Still, writers and architects continue to assert authorship over their worlds, despite a reality of technological change that they cannot control."

Lawrence Lek, Nøtel, Club Mirage
photo: courtesy the artist
Opening: Nøtel—Lawrence Lek + After Party: Laser Club #4 x Nøtel
photo: design: Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn
Lawrence Lek: Nøtel (The Hague)
photo: design: Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn